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VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which is the Right Choice?

Today, the World Wide Web offers a unique opportunity to reach out to a large number of people in every nook and corner of the world. To cater to the increasing demand of web site owners, hundreds of web hosting services have sprung up in almost all countries of the world. While most of these web hosting services claim to provide the best services, the overall quality is somewhat unsatisfactory. Before choosing any web hosting service providers, you will need to properly study both the advantages and demerit of proposed web hosting plans.

If you are planning to launch a full-pledged online portal, then using the free and shared web hosting plans may simply do not work! They do not have the required power to drive your web site and its normal operations. To handle large traffic and to satisfy simultaneous requests and demands from web site users, there are two best options available:

  • VPS (or Virtual Private Server) and

  • Dedicated Hosting

Both of these options are quite useful and highly beneficial in their own respects. However, they also have their own disadvantages and pitfalls connected with their service and operations. Here is a brief comparison sheet between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting that provides you a useful insight on how they work and the mode in which they provide you the required service.

Dedicated Hosting

In essence, dedicated hosting means just one single user taking control of the entire system and using the extraordinary power of a single server. As an owner of a dedicated server, you will be in charge of a single server and maintaining its operations after paying a fixed subscription fee. In practice, there are two different types of dedicated web hosting servers such as:

  • Unmanaged servers: where you will manage and take care you server on your own, without hiring any managing personnel.

  • Managed servers: where you will hire technical personnel to manage and maintain the day-to-day operations of the servers.

Dedicated servers are a mandatory requirement and necessary need, when you are expecting heavy traffic to your web site, and when you expect a large amount of data transfer from one destination to the other. Dedicated hosting provides you plenty of disk space, bandwidth and a host of web features that can not be found with lower end hosting plans.

With dedicated severs, you have exclusive privilege of not sharing invaluable web resources with others. You will also have a 100% uptime guarantee with this type of server. Dedicated servers also provide you a strong firewall mechanism with a foolproof capacity to prevent the entry of hackers and dangerous viruses. If you are looking for safety and security to your web site, then dedicated servers are the best options for you.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the best option and a smart choice, when you are looking for a stable and useful web hosting plan. Dedicated hosting is always costlier and premium. VPS hosting is an amalgamation of shared and dedicated hosting. Two of the most important characteristic of VPS hosting are:

  • The server is shared with other users

  • It can also provide same features and amenities found in dedicated hosting.

The most beautiful and practical aspect of a VPS system is that a single server is partitioned with a special software to provide the hosting spaces as individual units. The embedded software application will see that everyone under the plan will get a separate portion of a single server. Hence, you can get equal level of treatment and consideration like others.

In other words, VPS plan is a minor version of dedicated hosting like service, though at a very low price. If you can not afford one of those premium dedicated hosting plan, then you can look out for a manageable VPS hosting plan. In reality, a VPS server has a number of individual, multiple accounts and each one of these accounts has its own embedded operating system. Each VPS account also comes with its own web server and a dedicated mail server. You can also have an unlimited and no-questions-asked access to configuration files lying within the hosting account. A VPS server is more stable, safe and secure compared to shared hosting plans.

However, a VPS server is difficult to manage and administer, because of its own limitations like software applications and a complicated control panel. It is also time consuming and complicated with many glaring difficult management tasks. This is the reason why many web site owners hand over the charge of maintaining their web accounts to the hosting service provider.

Nevertheless, the number of advantages and benefits outweigh the list of disadvantages and nullify the negative effects, if any. With a VPS system, you are in charge of enhanced RAM memory, large web disk space and enhanced bandwidth resources. Hence, if you are running a large business or when your operations surpass the manageable limits, then you are safe with a VPS web host, even with its expanded budget and management costs.


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