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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Explained

Of all the three different types of web hosting servers that can be used for your web site, virtual private servers (VPS) are least expensive than both a dedicated and a virtual private server and are largely misunderstood about its capacity to provide better services. While most of small businesses and individual web site owners prefer shared hosting, large corporations and companies prefer and own private and dedicated servers. In between these two options lies the lesser known alternative, virtual private server (VPS). A virtual private server offers you ample freedom and plenty of miscellaneous options for the users.

It is very easy and simple to understand the intricate details of Virtual Private Server (VPS). In simple words, VPS stimulates and promotes you (the site owner) to install the software applications of your choice and you have the complete freedom to manage your site in whatever you like. These options are simply impossible with shared hosting plans that seriously undermine your capacity to utilize a number of software applications. Though a shared hosting plan seems to work very well for a simple and entry-level web site owner, it may not really work for you, just because your sphere of activity will grow larger in the days to come. As your Internet operations grow and expand, you will feel the need for installing advanced software applications on your web site. A virtual private server fits the bill with its multi-hued capacities and abilities.

In a practical sense, a virtual private server is not exactly private in its physical meaning. In fact, the word "virtual" in the VPS empowers web hosts to host many online websites on a single and physical "host server". In fact, you will still share the same physical server as others also do. However, in practice, each virtual server will isolate itself from the others website using special software and still be able to get access to many hardware resources like RAM modules, CPU facilities and disc space at the server level.

With a VPS hosting plan, many web sites like yours, will share the most essential hardware resources equally among themselves. The most prominent benefit of this plan is supply of enough bandwidth you need to fit all the web site visitors that surf through your site. There are a number of other benefits and advantages attached to a very private server such as:

  • The biggest benefit of using VPS is a well managed access to very critical hardware assets. Your site will run faster and quicker in displaying its web pages and content.

  • With VPS, your access to root functions will be very strong and you can choose any type of software applications to cater to your large database of site visitors.

  • Another notable advantage is its ability to manage different web sites. You can host as many domains as you like and later link them together as you wish.

  • With this hosting plan, you will never encounter hardware problems, as the system always uses highly sophisticated Apache Virtual Hosts and similar VPS packages, to manage the entire system.

  • VPS offers a better value for your money by providing very low cost of operation, in terms of utilities and usage.

  • It is also easy to set up your own FTP server to transfer large amount of database and information. The data transfer is safe and secure too!

  • A VPS offers a good amount of security and safety to your database and applications; with a VPS, chances of serious and debilitating virus/hacker attacks are very minimal.

  • Each VPS system can have its own dedicated IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing protocols and rules.

  • Each VPS system will have its own system configuration files/folders and can house an embedded application.

  • Each VPS also possesses its own system libraries or it can also modify existing ones.

  • A VPS is not a Virtual Machine, but runs only the same OS (mostly Linux) as root OS.

  • It also provides you better efficiency and practical utilities than other hosting systems.

With all the positive aspects of VPS, there are some nagging and glaring disadvantages too! In many cases, a VPS may not be suitable for every web owners. The costs for VPS hosting plans are always higher than the other plans such as shared hosting. You can expect to pay US$40 to US$60 a month for an entry level VPS hosting compared to less than US$10 per month in shared hosting. With a VPS plan, you are the virtual owner of the digital space. Hence, you are solely responsible for the maintenance and management of your VPS account which can be time consuming and complex task as you will need to deal with any software conflicts, technical issues and incompatibilities. That said, you can have your VPS hosting account completely managed by the VPS hosting provider by just paying a little extra.

In short, if your website attracts huge traffic volumes and requires huge disk space and you are planning to expand your operations, or offering more products and services for sale, then think of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Here are few Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting that we recommend:

VPS Lunarpages
VPS hosting service at US$39.95/month. Offering 20,000 MB diskspace, 1000 GB bandwidth, hosts unlimited websites, Virtuozzo Power Panle (VZPP), 24/7/365 Support, FREE Setup & 30 Days money back.

null InMotion
VPS Hosting starts from $39.95! Free Setup with 500 GB bandwidth and 40 GB diskspace. Greater security and guaranteed resources with 1 GB burstable memory quota. Cpanel control panel. Top Tier Network with 99.9% uptime, premium 24/7 support with backups included, 90 day guarantee.


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