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Adult Web Hosting: Tips for Webmasters

Recently, adult web hosting is gaining immense popularity, because of the great profit making potential of adult web sites and their unique services. Of late, hundreds of adult web hosts have started offering a number of adult web hosting plans to allow a series of adult web hosting solutions. Adult web hosting is hugely popular among people, who wish to provide useful information on adult topics, as well as supply adult related materials and shopping items. With so many adult web hosting service providers spawning across the internet spectrum, it is very difficult to find a good host who can provide the best service at an affordable rate.

In general, Linux based adult web hosting solutions are quite cheaper than Windows. Linux based services also offer extra compatibility for PHP and MySQL platforms. Being an open source platform, Linux also provides support for various languages as well as other web-based applications. If you need to the ultimate convenience of using the trusted and tried Windows server, you can make a request for one, along with extra platform applications like ASP, Cold Fusion, Access and SQL Server. However, all these extra features mean an additional expense that could run into several hundred dollars as extra burden.

If you are a webmaster, who wants to use the powerful advantage of adult based topics and subjects, you can even create a constant source of income, running to thousands of dollars every year. Recent statistics suggest that adult web sites are making billions of dollars as annual revenue, by either dealing with adult subjects or selling adult materials. Most recent set of research data shows that the current annual turnover is in excess of $7 billion dollars. Adult web hosting plans for commercial pornography web sites are selling at brisk pace and the overall demand for additional bandwidth and hosting space is witnessing phenomenal increase over the last few years.

Most of the adult web site owners are individuals, who sit in the comfort of their living room to make hefty profits by floating an adult web site. Because of its questionable reputation, most small businesses avoid touching this business, as they feel that they will have a bad reputation if they host an adult web site. Nearly one third of internet users make it a point to visit at least one or two adult web sites in a day. Fair estimates suggest that an average internet user browses through more than 120 pages of pornography and spends an average of one hour to look at the adult content.

Adult web hosting employs an array of special and sophisticated business techniques to manage the huge database housed in the server; this database may include thousands of images and countless hours of video and audio files. More often, it is quite difficult to manage and administer this huge database and as a result, the owner of the site may decide to outsource the adult web hosting services to a third party service provider. The most important benefit of using the services of an adult web-hosting provider is the ability to use an efficient array of services that offer unlimited reliability, scalability and accessibility.

Now, what types of options and choices should you go for, if you are selecting an adult web hosting service? Before you arrive at a fair decision, you should preferably assess some critical parameters such as:

  • Shared or Dedicated Hosting: Shared web hosting is always by default and it means that you are using a web server along with others. However, a shared adult web hosting may not be the first option for you, because your adult web site will have hundreds of images of very high resolution, and a large depository of video and audio files. Above all, if your web site is popular, the traffic to the site will also be quite large. Lastly, if you are running an online adult business by using the site, your visitors may have to pay a subscription fee to access the stored images and multimedia content. To allow these activities, you may need to choose a dedicated server that is not only efficient, but also fast and agile in providing the right type of services.

  • Legal Hassles: Some web-hosting firms may not upload adult related content on their servers because of existing legal provisions, while others may do so by charging hefty hosting fees. Before booking your space, make sure that your web host is allowing explicit adult content on their servers.

  • Disk space and Bandwidth: A typical adult web site will host hundreds of high-resolution images and video files and at times, you may need a huge amount of bandwidth and space that may run into hundreds of GBs. It is always a costly affair to host an adult content related web site.

  • Parallel Severs: There are certain occasions, when the whole server may go down due to some mechanical or electrical problems. Established adult web hosting service providers possess parallel servers that act as alternative servers in case of an accidental breakdown of the main server. Most of the adult web sites charge costly subscription fee to their customers and provide a continuous, on-going access to their web site.

Adult web hosting services help adult sites to focus on their efforts to provide a top-notch service to their customers. However, the cost of operating an adult web site could be quite risky, because of the content hosted and the enforceable legal strictures surrounding the site. However two adult web hosting providers, HostGator and midPhase, have been offering affordable and reliable adult content hosting services for many years now. You can visit HostGator and midPhase for more information!


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