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ASP Net Hosting: What's it all about?

ASP.NET is an accomplished application that has been around the web application field for many years. In its initial avatar, it was the well-known Visual Studio 2003 based on .NET version 1.0, and more recently as Visual Studio 2005 flavor, based on .NET version 2.0. Of late, several developers took a big jump from the regular ASP to .NET by including several MS applications, application scripts and add-ons. An array of hybrid scripts and applications ensured the development of ASP.Net hosting. This special ASP web hosting solution provide many intuitive features like cross platform compatibility, quick application development, robust features and an added advantage of using the old VB applications.

The momentous transformation to a .NET developmental environment was very expensive and costly, and the changeover was not cosmetic at all! It was a huge transformation beyond everybody's expectation. However, using an ASP.NET based web hosting solution is very costly affair and it may create a huge overhead for small to medium sized web sites. Hosting a web site on the platform poses many challenges and difficulties as developers are still trying to overcome the initial difficulties of integrating the costly applications within the web environment.

Several advantages and benefits make ASP.NET the most preferred flavor, while hosting a web site. Some of the perceived advantages of ASP.NET hosting are:

  • ASP.NET is the latest technology from Microsoft for the express development of web applications. An intuitive utility called .NET Framework makes the backbone of the web application. This special application ensures that the web server created is robust and sturdy.

  • ASP.NET web servers offer you the abilities to develop very powerful database driven applications. It is also subject oriented and includes many special tools for the programmers.

  • Applications developed on the web servers are ultra quick and lightening fast. The server response is also quicker and the user's web experience is excellent.

  • ASP.NET web hosting is very rugged, strong and crash proof. It can automatically recover from sudden crashes and freezes. Thus, the web site is always available for quick surfing by your users.

  • Its compatibility with several application languages and scripts make it one of the best web server for quick responses, fast downloads and instant application development.

  • Though regular ASP driven web sites are cheaper and economical, ASP.NET web hosting packages offer you several benefits like e-mail forwarding, efficient database management and quick customer service management.

  • ASP.NET web hosting allows you to create a cache memory of those pages that your site visitors frequently visit for fresh and updated information.

  • It is also possible to integrate several web part controls within the ASP.NET web server. Web Parts is a new breed of efficient controls that enable you to add rich, professional content, design and layout to your website, in addition to the capability to edit and change that content, design and layout directly from an application page.

  • It is also fairly easy to include a number of administration, extensibility, management, performance, and scalability enhancements.

  • Themes and skins are easy to change with an ASP.NET web hosting package. You can define and set style information as a theme and apply that particular style information on a global basis to pages or controls.

  • You do not have to wait for a long time to get your site up and running. You can even start uploading your web applications right away in a moment!

  • ASP.NET web hosting also allows you to self manage Backup / Recovery of invaluable customer data and its reinvent facility backs up all data on a daily basis and is readily available for recovery at anytime at your express request.

ASP.NET web hosting is a very good framework for instantly creating a new array of more efficient, highly interactive and personalized web surfing ambience that work across all the most popular browsers like IE, Firefox and Opera. However, one of the prominent disadvantages of ASP.Net web hosting is that it requires hosting only on a Microsoft web server, which should not deter you, unless you have other critical needs and requirements.

At present, almost all database driven web sites depend on the fantastic technology of ASP.NET, just to protect and retain their invaluable data and information. As the demand for dynamic web applications grows rapidly, you will need to take a deep look at highly advanced and sophisticated web hosting servers that run and managed by highly efficient ASP.NET technology. If you are looking for ASP .Net hosting, here are few high quality ASP .net web hosting providers that you can consider.


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