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Blog Hosting Explained

Of late, there is an increasing tendency among web surfers to express their mind and opinions through the electronic medium. Web surfers use a utility called blogging tools as their personal memoir space or as a personal diary. Blog is also the personal collaborative space to vent your feelings, opinions and expressions. With a blog, you can provide your personal thoughts to the outside world. There are hundreds of different blogging software out there in the Internet world; some are very simple web portals designed to write your daily memoirs, while many others are highly sophisticated business tools to enhance your business objectives and goals. In a nutshell, blogging activity can reshape the entire web presence and provide a new voice to the user!

Here are some unusual trends and interesting vistas about blogs:

  • Till now, Blog is the most searched for meaning and definition at Merriam-Webster web portal.

  • There are more than 60 million types of blogs on the internet as of now and it is expected to grow even further.

  • More than 95% of blogs are the exclusive domains of people under the age of 30!

  • More numbers of people (under the age of 13 to 19 years) are blogging than any other segment of the population (as per the survey conducted by

  • On the flipside, bloggers account for less than 2% of adult population.

A blogging tool has the ability to democratize and revolutionize the way in which one can express their voice and opinions. It is almost like creating a citizen journalist, though with lesser credentials. There are several free blogging web portals and places where one can set up their own blog. Here are some of the most famous places, where you set up and create your blogs for free (most of the blog sites below also act as centers for social activities and cultural exchanges):

  • Blogger: This is one of the most popular joints for people who wish to create their blogs. It provides an efficient free blog tool that comes with many features and tools.

  • Blogs4Me: This is a wonderfully equipped site for people who are computer newbie, and for those web surfers who are not technically equipped. This blog site is very easy and simple to use and manage

  • Yet another well known blog site that caters to enhanced needs and requirements of people.

  • WordPress: This is a famous blogging engine that provides highly sophisticated blog features, additions and other assorted tools. You can use this wonderful site to express your opinions in any way and manner you wish.

  • Live Journal: Live journal is a very useful web portal for lively blogging participation among interested web surfers. It is almost like a second home to many of the seasoned and experienced bloggers.

A majority of blog enthusiasts do not own a blog enabled web site and they always use a free blogging service to post their blogs. Though free blogging websites provide some basic facilities to their consumers, they are just not sufficient for an advanced blogging professional. Free blogging services have their pronounced disadvantages and pitfalls such as:

  • Free blogs are not exactly the efficient medium to express your opinions at full freedom. They can severely curtail your capacity to completely express your opinions and expressions.

  • Most of the free blogs do not provide the space needed for expressing your opinions.

  • You just can not use any of the suggested plug-ins required for setting up an efficient blog.

  • Free blog always limit what type of and how many files you can upload.
    Free blogs could be unsuitable for podcasts and videocasts.

  • Free blogs also do not provide your own domain name.

  • The blog traffic that you generate is not exactly transferable and you can nit redirect the existing traffic with other blogs.

On the other hand, hosting a blog yourself is always efficient, practical and superior when compared to free blogs. When you're hosting a blog on a professional looking blog engine, you can have several benefits like:

  • You can have your own domain name and web space.

  • It is always possible to install the blog software of your choosing.

  • Hosted blog also offers you unlimited opportunities and options of setting up the blog interface and blog tools.

  • There are several open source blog engines that can provide you an ability to change or modify the interface, contents and features.

  • You can also upload and set up contents and features you want to display; it is possible to add videos, databases, and images to your blogs.

  • You are the sole master of the traffic that you generate on your blog. You have the unlimited freedom to transfer your blogs to any place or location you want.

If you are doing corporate blogging, business blogging or even simply blogging for money, it is more beneficial to host your own blog using a blog hosting service. Here are few best blog hosting service that we recommend:

Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95 BlueHost
BlueHost is another good choice for blog hosting with instant blogs including Nucleus, b2evolution, pMachine and WordPress. Starts at US$3.95/month! Free Setup, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 99.5% Uptime, Instant blogs, Cpanel x control panel, 50 MySQL databases, 24/7 technical support, 30 Day money back guarantee.

Blog Hosting GreenGeeks
Blog hosting service by GreenGeeks starts at US$4.95. Offering unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, one click installation on popular blog software such as WordPress, b2Evolution, Live Journal, etc. In addition, you also get free domain name, host unlimited websites on single hosting account, unlimited POP3 Emails, unlimited MySQL, Ecommerce, CGI, PHP, Perl, Frontpage, 24/7 Support, FREE Setup & 45 Days money back.


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