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Build a Web Site: Tips to Get Started!

The process involved when you build a web site can be a complicated one if you don't plan properly. When you are preparing to build a website there are several things you need to do off line before you even begin. The first thing you should do is design a rough draft of what you want before you begin. Some of the things you should look at include how many pages you will need, your web sites purpose, and your budget. Once you have determined these things you can begin working on your web site.

Be clear on the purpose

The first step in when you are going to build a web site is to establish the purpose of that site. Your web site should have a distinct purpose and a central message. When you are establishing purpose you should display your pages in an order that makes logical sense. Your web pages should be fast loading and contain only a few prominent elements. If you include too many contrasting items on one web page your reader could become confused.

Establish target audience

Once you have established your web sites purpose it is time to narrow down your targeted audience. You should consider the age range of your typical visitors and what industry they are currently working in. This is important when you are going to build a web site because different age groups appreciate different things. Younger viewers will like pages that are dynamic, colorful, and high impact while an older target audience will react better to larger font, less bold colors which will create a more subtle environment. Other things you will need to consider about your target audience include what language they speak and where they are living. English is rapidly becoming the accepted internet international language however there are many different variations of the English language. The main four variations include American, Canadian, International, and British.

Determine budget

Having a carefully planned out budget is an important aspect when you attempt to build a web site. If you have enough programming knowledge to design and program your own web site you could save yourself hundreds of dollars. There is new software available like Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage that will allow even a novice user to create their own professional web pages. However, these types of software are quite expensive and you should only consider purchasing them if you are planning on creating several web sites. If you are going to create only one web site it may be less expensive to hire a professional web designer to create your web site to your specifications. A professional web designer will make the task of adding ecommerce payment portals and other difficult scripts a lot less frustrating.

Decide on user browsing profile

Computer specifics are very important when you are attempting to build a web site. There are many different speeds of computers available and you will need to decide if you want to build your website to suit the slower 386s or the much faster Pentium computers. There are also numerous operating systems like Windows, Macs, and Linux that may be a deciding factor in how you build a web site. You will also need to consider cross browser compatibility and computer monitor screen sizes. All of these factors will affect how your website is displayed to the user.

Choose an Internet domain name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most crucial steps when you are attempting to build a website. A domain name serves as your online business identification. A sub domain name displays a poor business image as it reflects a very low budget and unprofessional appearance. You should always attempt to keep your domain name as short as possible to help your visitors remember your site easily. To increase traffic to your website, you should also register Internet domain names with all possible extensions of your website such as .com, .net, .us, .info and .biz. It is also a wise idea to register common misspellings of your Internet domain name.

Find a reliable and best quality web hosting service

Choosing a web hosting services is another important aspect when you build a web site. Choosing the cheapest web host provider is not always the smartest business move. Some of the less expensive web hosting providers have a greater amount of down time and little or no technical support available to their clients. However, spurred by persistent fierce competition among web hosting providers, the hosting features and supports have improved yet the average web hosting prices has declined significantly over the past few years. Today, more and more people are taking advantage of low web hosting cost to build their website. Here are some highly recommended cheap web hosting services that you can trust to build your own web site.


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