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How to Build a eCommerce Web Site?

There are many things to take into consideration when you set out to build an eCommerce web site. Ecommerce web sites were created for anyone selling either goods or services on the internet. The ecommerce industry has been booming since the middle of nineteen nineties and is still on the rise. It is a very effective method for new and existing business to make inexpensive sales and to attract new potential customers. ECommerce website provides a 24 hour a day method in which customers can browse through and purchase your goods or services. The most important factors to build an eCommerce web site are the ability to accept online payments and professional attitude.

eCommerce Security

To accept online payment, you need to set up an SSL certificate, a merchant account and a payment gateway. Online payment security is the most important issue when you are discussing how to build a ecommerce web site. The majority of ecommerce web sites are built to handle money transactions directly online. If you are going to be accepting credit cards or other methods of online payments you will need to use a Secure Socket Layer often called an SSL. Your web site will also need several online forms to accept and process information. It is actually safer to use your credit card online using a secure server than it is to use in public. A secure server uses advanced encryption to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers. Almost all secure servers are currently using 128 bit encryption keys to ensure the utmost protection of your clients valuable data.

Online Payment

You should ensure when you build your ecommerce website that it has been designed to accept all major credit cards. Almost ninety percent of all Ecommerce business is conducted using credit cards. Customers are more wary of Internet fraud and enjoy the online safety features provided by credit cards that are not available on money orders and checks. There are many different credit card billing providers available online and you should research each carefully to find one that matches your business needs. You should always thoroughly read your terms of service as some of the less honest billing providers have hidden rates and fees in their contracts.

Having an ecommerce web site build for you is a very difficult process and can be very expensive especially to have a merchant account. However in recent years ecommerce software like paypal, clickbank, and oneshoppingcart have become available. These online payment services will handle all the online payment processes for you. Thus, saving you from paying for individual SSL certificate, merchant account and payment gateway. The costs for these online payment services vary from a per monthly fee to a per transaction fee. You should research all the available payment services before making a decision and choose one that is best suited to your business.

Automated Billing System

You'll need to set up an automated billing system so that your clients are billed and payments are registered easily months after months. Some of the popular billing and payment processing systems are Modernbill, ClientExec, Whois.Cart and etc. Some of these billing software licenses are charged monthly or yearly basis while other are offered for lifetime licenses.

Online Order Form

When you are trying to build an ecommerce web site you will need to design or purchase web page order forms. These forms display products professionally, take and process transactions quickly, and can be used to obtain customer feedback. You should use a standard form that is similar to other web sites so that your customers will understand and be able to fill in the form with very little difficulty. It is also wise to use Java scripting or other programming languages to ensure that the form has been filled out fully and you are getting a completed set of information. Using a script like this can save you a lot of frustration in the future. Before you add any new form to a web page you should ensure that you have thoroughly tested it for any possible errors.

Online Testing

Another important aspect you must consider when you are going to build an Ecommerce web site is testing. Browser compatibility will be one of the major testing that you need to perform. With hundreds of web browsers available in different versions make cross browser compatibility testing extremely important when you are building your Ecommerce web site because your web page will appear differently depending on the type and version of web browsers that your potential customer is using.

The easiest solution to this problem would be to find out what are the most widely used Internet browser and it's version. Subsequently, build your ecommerce web site following the HTML standards by the World Wide Web Consortium organization that supported by that version of web browsers. In that case, you will be able to ensure that the majority of browsers will display your pages correctly and it will be upward compatible with the future version of web browsers too. some of the most major web browsers that you should support include Netscape, Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Opera.

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