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Cheap Domain Name Registration

Does your website start with this: /your-company-name/
or you are using,

Today, potential customers may think twice before buying from you if you're not willing to spend US$10 or less per year for your Internet domain name. Even with just one or two sales lost, you may lose more than the cost of your domain name. You've better credibility if you've your own domain name. Most importantly, if you buy the domain name to host your website, you have the freedom to change your web hosting provider whenever is necessary.

Internet domain name is like real estate; if you make the right 'choice' and the value increases in the future, you can reap huge profit too. Before you register your Internet domain name, here are few tips to help you to make your domain name more valuable and useful.

Choose a Internet Domain Name

Choosing a Internet domain name is not as straightforward as you may think. There are few key areas you have to consider:

Top Level Domain (TLDs)

In the 1980s, seven generic TLDs such as: .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, and .org were created. Internet domain names may be registered in three of these (.com, .net, and .org) without restriction; the other four have limited purposes. Today, few more TLDs have been added: .info, .biz, and .name

There will be with more new generic TLDs to be added in the future, this include:

  • .firm for businesses, or firms
  • .shop for businesses offering goods to purchase
  • .web for entities emphasizing activities related to the Web
  • .arts for entities emphasizing cultural and artistic activities
  • .rec for entities emphasizing recreation and entertainment activities
  • .nom for those wishing individual or personal nomenclature
  • .kids for children sites
  • .xxx (.sex) for adult sites
  • .god for religious sites

With more new TLDs coming up in the future, you'll have more choices in registering a domain name. You can visit ICANN for future reference on TLDs.

With all the TLDs available, .com are the most valuable, with .net next, then .org. You might want to consider registering these entire common TLDs (i.e. .com, .net and .org) since the cost of owning a Internet domain name is so low now. Otherwise, you might run the risk of others registering your domain name using available TLD that could probably damage your brand. 

One very good example is, the official White House website, attract good traffic everyday. Someone has registered (it is redirected to a real estate website during our last check) with the intention to profit from the free traffic from the mistake of the uninformed web users. The brand of your website can be damaged in the similar way if you ignore this.

Length of the Internet Domain Name

Until the Fall of 1999, a domain name was limited to 22 characters, but the rules have changed to allow domains with 63 characters. In other words, you can have long domain name such as:


With the longer domain name allowed, the opportunity for you to create a new combination of domain name is higher. However, it is harder to remember if the domain name is long (tips: you should use hyphen if you have long domain name). In contrast, domain name would be the easiest to remember if it is short, sweet and memorable.

Characters of the Internet domain name

The Internet domain name is limited to using alphanumeric characters and the hyphen (-). Hyphens works well with long domain name as it makes them easy to read. In addition, certain domain names also work well with hyphens, such as science-fiction. Moreover, it is believed that domain name that separate keywords with hyphen ranks better on the search engine. For example, has slight advantage over as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

Generic or specific

Generic Internet domain name ( is likely to appeal to a wide audience and they are mostly not available anymore today. On the other hand, specific domain name is likely to appeal to those interested in the subject/business ( Moreover, good Internet domain name with unique keyword in it will rank high on the search engine for that keyword too. As a bonus, Google will even highlight the keyword in your Internet domain name in the search result.


You Internet domain name should reflect what your website is all about. For example,, all give public an idea what they will find at your site. Good domain names do that and if they are the same as your company's name or brand, they make it easier to find your website on the Internet.

Registering Domain Names

Once you've identified your Internet domain name, you may want to search the ' Trademark Electronic Search System' to make sure you don't infringe any registered trademarks on your potential domain name. You should take this seriously as trademark infringement could cost you your entire business. Once you have verified your domain name is free from any potential trademark infringement, then registering domain name is the easiest part.

The cost of buying domain names varies from registrar to registrar and from domain to domain. In general, the rate ranged from US$5 to US$35 per year for TLDs. While country-specific domain is more expensive and the cost could range from US$10 to US$100 per year. For example, the cost to register a country-specific domain name, .jp (Japan) is US$99.95 per year.

Among the most popular and cheap domain name registration providers on the web is GoDaddy. GoDaddy has been ranked number one in new domain registrations for the past two years with over 14 million names under their portfolio now! We have been using GoDaddy domain name registration service for few years now. What we like most about GoDaddy is that it allows you to consolidate all your domain administration and maintenance in one central location, making monitoring and renewal of domain name an extremely easy task. Click here to find out more! Alternatively, if you are looking to register .com/.net/.org domain name, Netfirms is offering at a cheaper price than GoDaddy at US$6.95 plus free WHOIS privacy.

Today, many web hosting providers offer free domain name (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us) when you signup a web hosting plan with them. So why pay if you can get your domain name registration for free? There are number of web hosting providers offer free domain In fact, some even offer free domain name for life. In other words, the web hosting providers will renew your domain name each year as long as your continue to host your website with them. That is a huge saving in the long run! Example of hosting providers that offer free domain name for life are BlueHost, HostMonster.

Once you have identified your domain name registration services provider, you should then conduct the Internet domain name search to check for its availability. If the Internet domain name is already taken, you can try other acceptable combination of Internet domain name. You should register it as soon as possible if it is available.

Domain Information Made Public or Private

During domain name registration, you'd have to provide valid contact information for your business address and phone number. Keep in mind that the public can access this information using WHOIS service easily. Should you want to hide this information from the public, you can just pay a little extra to make it private.

Register Domain Name for More Than A Year

You are also encouraged to register your Internet domain for more than one year. It is highly believed in the industry that Google is making an effort to wipe out doorway domains that rarely used for more than a year. This types of illegitimate domains only aims to spam the search engine. To differentiate your legitimate website from those illegitimate domains, you are advised to register your domain for more than a year to prove that you are prepared to be in the web business for long.

Host or Park or Sell

After you have purchased the Internet domain name, you can use it to host your website. However, if your purpose of purchasing a domain name is to sell it later to make a profit, then you need to 'park' your domain name. Most domain name registration service providers offer 'parking' service for free while some will charge an additional fee.

We trust GoDaddy for our domains - Get yours now!

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains


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