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Cheap UK Web Hosting: Important Questions and Considerations

Having a reliable web host for your business purposes or renting a trustworthy web hosting service to manage your organization's day-to-day functions is very critical and important. Above all, if you are from UK then having your web server located at an excellent data center in the UK works wonders to your business as well as the organization; as such data centers are able to offer faster accessing speed to their web visitors especially if they are from United Kingdom. However, hiring the services of such costly and premium web hosting service is very expensive and a majority of people may not have the financial capability to buy such services. Thus, people always keep looking for cheaper options while hosting their web site.

Web hosting services in the UK come in many packages and plans; a number of web hosting services offer top class services to their customers, while many of them also offer cheaper alternatives to premium packages. With some concerted effort and little bit of internet research, anyone can buy cheap web hosting packages to host their web sites. However, cheaper UK web hosting packages available are almost similar to the ones available in the USA or Australia; there are subtle differences in the overall features, tools and amenities offered to the customers.

Thus, what is so special about cheap web hosting in the UK? Are there any real differences in the packages offered by these UK web hosting providers? Though there are no real differences in the quality of web hosting provided by UK web-hosting firms, you will need to ask yourself some critical questions about the possible advantages and disadvantages like:

  • The location of web servers from where you will access your web hosting service is very important. If majority of your web visitors are from UK, then accessing to a web servers located in UK will be faster to them. Therefore, if you signup your web hosting plan through a UK firm but get access to the server located in a far away location, like USA, you will lose all the price advantages procured through a UK web hosting.

  • Cheaper web hosting does not necessarily mean the best quality service. There are instances when cheaper web hosting packages simply fail to provide even the minimum recommended services to the customers. Cheaper web hosting is a bit of misnomer because the web host will never tell you how their cheap hosting plans work and what guarantee they are offering such a service. Cheap web hosting package may hide many things than what they actually reveal.

  • Cheap web hosting packages may come with some hidden restrictions or crippling riders. One of the most depressing things about cheaper web hosting plans is the remarkable curtailing of monthly bandwidth and disc space. If you are running a business critical web site, then a cheaper web hosting plan may not simply work because of these sensitive factors. A number of cheaper web hosting plans renew or refill the available bandwidth every day. When you reach the allotted daily quota, the web site may stop working altogether, eventually causing a total loss to your business activities.

  • Disk space is yet another critical factor that can influence the success of your business. Most of the cheaper web hosting packages limits the disk space to a maximum of about 250 to 500 MB and this may be insufficient for your activities. Buying additional disk space is a costly affair and it works out almost on par with a premium hosting package.

  • In the UK, most of the cheaper web hosting packages restrict your server based activities and functions. In many cases, you may not be able to manage your web server on your own and you will need to depend on your host to add or modify some mission critical components like anti virus and anti-hacking packages.

However, some UK based web hosts offer a range of cheaper web hosting plans based on the nature or type of requirements. If you are an individual planning to set up a personal web site, then you can buy a cheaper home based web-hosting package. On the other hand, if you are a small business owner, then you can always buy a better and cheaper web-hosting plan equipped with a range of different tools and services. Some web hosts also provide panel managers and other utilities like MySQL editors for a small extra fee.

Whichever the cheaper web hosting package you choose, ensure one important thing - never ever buy a hosting package that is short of very important requirement such as server uptimes and quality customer support. Careful selection of a cheap UK web hosting package will help you manage your web site in a smooth and better manner.


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