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Cheap Web Hosting: What to look for and what to stay away from?

The internet is full of mouth-watering and sweet sounding promises and service offers, and this is so common with a cheap web hosting service providers. The emerging fierce competition in the field of web hosting service ensures that every player in the field trying to maximize revenue by promising cheap web hosting solutions. More often, people tend to sway by some attractive and cost saving advertisements that promise them the best web hosting service at the minimum cost.

However, several debates and arguments strongly oppose using a cheap web hosting service to host a web site. Most of the so called cheapest web hosting or affordable web hosting services have only one argument in their favor! In addition, it is obviously monetary in nature! Low cost and cheap web hosting allows new companies and firms to start a website without investing a large amount of money! It is as simple as that!

There are several arguments against those cheap web hosting services and most of them center on their quality of service and server stability. Here are some of the perceived disadvantages with a cheap web hosting service:

  • Many professionals agree that signing up with a cheap web hosting company is a definite recipe for failure. When a budget web hosting provider offers a very cheap solution (as low as US$2 a month), there are only two options left for them to survive in the highly competitive business: either to cut down on the service options or to raise the price later. Nevertheless, one must remember that such firms focus only on their survival in the market.

  • Experts also agree that the so-called cheapest web hosting service providers may never be there when you need them at very critical moment, such as server breakdown or hackerís attacks. Most of these web hosting providers offer poorly designed and ill-conceived hosting plans to their customers.

  • Almost all cheap web hosting service providers allot web space on a shared basis and there may be hundreds or thousands of web sites housed within a single web server. As a result, your website may be very slow in response time.

As an aspiring online entrepreneur, you need to realize that there are several critical considerations when you think of using the cheap web hosting service. The fist thing that you must ask yourself is what kind of hosting service you wish to have to host your web site. It also makes sense to think about the type of web site that you plan to host.

Essentially, if you want to host a small sized business web site that does not need sophisticated services like constant uptime or special scripts, then you could enlist the services of one of those cheap web host services. Nevertheless, remember that such servers could be very unstable and weak in their architecture and defense; in case of a debilitating hacker or virus attack, you may stand to loose your sensitive information and details. On the other hand, if you are planning to run a well-pledged e-business portal equipped with highly sensitive and important database, a cheap web hosting solution may not be the preferred solution. Going cheap under such critical circumstances will be a big mistake and a disastrous decision.

Dedicated businesses need dedicated web hosting solutions and a dedicated web server with its own firewall, anti-virus packages and a constant uptime will provide a big advantage to perform well in the business. A stable and efficient web hosting provider will always offer quality service and excellent customer support. An excellent web host is always on the phone line to help you in case of any emergencies and urgency.

Choosing a cheap web hosting service depends on your actual needs and requirements; budget constraints may force you to look out for a cheap web hosting service. One can never use a yardstick to conclude if a particular web host is good or not. It is always simple and straightforward - "You get what you paid for!" There is just a single, fine thin line dividing the rate of success and failure; a rugged, efficient, result oriented and quality web hosting solution may actually make a big difference to your online business. If you need 99.99% uptime and a highly reliable web hosting experience, then settle for a good web hosting solution that is both economical and efficient. Weigh your options and choices before choosing the best among the lot!


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