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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a web-hosting provider is a challenging task that needs careful planning and consideration, because your web site is too important for you and it is your ultimate gateway to the world of Internet. Selecting a good web host from thousands of web hosting providers is in fact very difficult and tedious. You must look carefully at many parameters and factors before choosing a web hosting provider. Many online entrepreneurs tend to commit many mistakes while choosing a web hosting provider.

What are the factors that you must look at before signing up a web hosting plan? What types of mistakes should you watch for, if you are planning to buy cheap web hosting without any problems or hassles? Here are some basic tips and precautions that help you in buying an affordable website hosting solution.

Below are few of the most noticeable mistakes that one commits while choosing a web hosting provider.

Choosing only the Local Host

The most important mistake that one would while choosing a web host is only opting for a local host. While it is true that by choosing a local host, you will have some definite advantages such as easy technical access in case you face any type of technical difficulties. Dealing with a local host is cheaper and cost effective as well! However, if you are in the country where the quality and the cost of hosting with a local host is compromised if compare to foreign web host especially the web hosting providers from US, then choosing a foreign web host would probably be a better choice.

For example, a local host in Hong Kong could charge as much as US$37 per month for a hosting plan with only 300 MB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth. While an US web hosting provider with a hosting plan off 300 GB disk space and 3000 GB bandwidth could only costs US$8 a month. The price difference can be as much as seven times between local host and foreign host for similar hosting features. Therefore, local host is not the only option when comes to choosing a web hosting provider. One should also consider foreign host if cost saving is your major consideration and you do not require much technical supports for your website.

Choosing a Free Web Hosting

You might have seen so many of those Internet ads that provide you free web hosting. There is a simple proverb "Nothing comes for Free". If anyone is offering you something free of cost, in form of free web hosting, there must be a price that you have to pay for it! A web hosting provider can afford to offer you free web hosting simply because they will float a number of banners and advertising slots all over your web site. If you are hosting other people's advertisements, it means that you will probably be damaging your entire online business image and you are sending your valuable web visitors to the advertisers. Moreover, you lose the credibility in the eyes of your web visitors as it reflects how much you value your online business if you don't even willing to spend a small investment on a paid hosting service.

Limitations of the Hosting Features

Never enlist the services of a web host, if they do not offer you much needed hosting features. If you want to host your website, a good and efficient web hosting provide will see that you get the standard hosting features like:

  • Sufficient web space and bandwidth

  • Support popular web languages php, SSI, Perl, CGI-BIN

  • Popular databases mySQL, MS SQL, MS Access

  • Adequate number of subdomains

  • Multiple e mail accounts

  • Auto-responder facilities

  • Support Microsoft FrontPage

  • User friendly control panel Cpanel, vDeck, Plesk

  • Shopping carts

  • Web statistic

  • Customized error pages

  • Safe and secure services

  • 99.9% server uptime guarantee

Neglect Reliability and Performance Issue

Online entrepreneurs tend to commit mistake while choosing a web hosting provider, by knowingly neglecting very important parameters like reliability, performance and fair degree of exclusivity of the web host. In most of the cases, these web host providers never offer the promised uptime. As a result, your web visitor will lose trust and confidence on your online business with disappointing speed of access or very poor server uptime. Thus, the glaring mistake that one could be making while choosing a web hosting service is to neglect to ensure that the performance and reliability on the host server is excellent!

Overspending on Web Hosting Service

In some cases, online entrepreneurs may also commit the mistake of choosing a very expensive web hosting provider, ultimately spending too much on a service whose utilities are mostly unutilized. Higher price of a web hosting service alone does not guarantee better quality and service, although each one of us expect it most of the time.

To gain customer trust and to build up tremendous goodwill, one will need to settle for a web hosting service that provides you with enough web space and bandwidth, necessary hosting features and add-ons and a guaranteed website uptime. Once you ensure that, you have a reliable website, your visitors will have more confidence and trust, over your capabilities and capacities to provide them the best product and service.


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