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How to choose a right Christian Web hosting provider

Choosing the right Christian web hosting provider is as important and critical as running the church related holy activities. Christian web hosting service providers offer more to assist the webmasters to host their special web site with out any glitches and problems. There are many suitable and right options to assist a webmaster to manage the website with an array of intuitive and efficient web hosting functions. Almost all Christian web hosting services also help webmasters to conduct online class activities, distribute study materials through e-mails and online courses and sell holy books and gospel materials through an online bookshop.

When deciding to settle for a particular Christian web hosting service provider, you may need to look at some important characteristics such as:

  • Mutually compatible and sharing faith, beliefs and values: You will need to look for a web hosting provider who shares your faith, beliefs and Christian values. A web hosting provider who understands your aims, goals and objectives can provide the best quality services.

  • Continuous and Ongoing Technical Support: A Christian web site is one busy junction where devotees and the church staff interact and mingle in a close association and union. Even a small disruption in the web hosting could result in heavy losses to both the church as well as the site visitors.

  • Server Uptime: Like any other type of web hosting services, even Christian web hosting needs a guarantee of 99.99% uptime to provide an uninterrupted service to people.

  • Flexibility: The web service providing the web hosting should be flexible enough to allow special demands put forward by the webmasters. Webmasters need a fair amount of flexibility to introduce, change, add, delete, modify or rectify the web server without too much interference from the web host.

  • Cost effective: Cost factor is perhaps the most critical part of web hosting. Ensure that you are choosing a cost effective service that is not a big burden on your pocket. You will need to deal with both the cost as well as the efficiency of the service.

  • Reliability: People always demand a web site that is both reliable and trustworthy. Building trust and reliability with your visitors should be your first priority. An unreliable web hosting service may seriously dent your market reputation and trustworthiness.

Christian web hosting is special and unique unlike other types of web hosting services, because of the diverse and different types of activities undertaken by the church authorities. You may need to ask the service providers to give an unconditional guarantee to provide the most important and critical features to support a foolproof and complete web hosting solution. Flexible hosting packages, secure and reliable service and outstanding customer support are the most critical factors that can influence the effectiveness of the web portal. Here are some other aspects that needs very close introspection and consideration:
Free setup: Your web hosting service provider must ensure that you can set up the service free of cost without any hidden and incidental expenses. Ensure that you can set your account free of charge in a double quick time.

Web Site Builder: This useful feature will help you create a good and highly aesthetic looking web portal. Many web hosts provide this service free of charge and as a mandatory service to help the webmaster to introduce necessary features and tools.

Easy to use Control Panel: cPanel is a highly intuitive and useful web-hosting manager that helps you manage and administer all normal and common web functions and features. cPanel is also a helpful utility that helps you perform most basic duties like repair and maintenance.

Secured SSL: Christian web sites also provide an opportunity to purchase books, periodicals, magazines and other gospel related study materials. Further, the portal will also accept charities and donations from non-profits and individuals by using an online process. As a webmaster, one needs to be quite careful while accepting payments through an online transaction method. A secured SSL, robust payment gateway and 100% safe online cart are some of the mandatory features that should accompany the web-hosting package.

Mail list software and subscriber data management: The church that uses the web site will have thousands of subscribers in the database; some of them just want to learn and understand the messages of god, while others are regular subscribers who are in need of regular e-mail newsletters as well as online e courses. Robust and efficient mail list software will help the webmaster to manage the subscribers as well as the online buyers more efficiently.

Flash and animation software capabilities: Webmasters need these software tools to create forceful and appealing presentations and shows to spread the gospel messages and other church events. Powerful and meaningful slide shows, colorful videos and multimedia presentations are very common to a community church.

Finally, you may also need to install powerful and effective anti-hacking software tools to prevent debilitating virus attacks and hacking attempts. A Christian web site always relies on propagating the messages and gospels of god and an efficient Christian web hosting provider will ensure complete fulfillment of all these objectives and goals.


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