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Free HTML Templates

Looking to build a website? For most people, the hardest thing about making a website is not the technical details of registering a domain name or finding hosting, but in fact, designing the website. Many people struggled with website design. If you had some sample designs to help you and not break your bank in the process, you could get started. And that's where free HTML templates came in.

What are HTML templates or website templates?

Quite simply, HTML templates are your framework for building a web page, or even a complete website. Even if you've never built a website before, you can use a website template to give shape to your personal website, business page or even your hobbies. The key aspect of HTLML templates, or website templates, is that they take out the hard work of design and HTML coding for you.

You might ask: Why not use a website builder tool such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage? The advantage with templates is that the hard part is already done you don't need to come with new designs every time. With an HTML template, all you need to do is to put in your information. Website templates are usually standardized with specific pages for the most common tasks the "About" page, the "Products/Services" page, and the main page. There are pre-determined placeholders for graphics for your website as well, for example your logo and even banners.

Free HTML templates vs. professional website templates

When you're searching for free HTML templates, you are quite likely to come across different websites selling professional website templates (by themselves or along side the free templates). With templates priced range from $10 to $200 and more, you may be tempted to ask if buying a professionally designed template is a good idea for your business. In fact, if you have the budget, putting down $50 for a nice design might be worth it because you can really find a professional template.

An example is DreamTemplate . DreamTemplate is a premium template subscription provider with over 1800 professionally designed templates available for members. DreamTemplate charge a one-time fee and then give members full download access to their premium template collection. You can take a look at some of the templates here !

However, it's always possible to find free HTML templates that are good too; you just have to look really hard, and of course, you have to know where to look. Before buying any professional website templates, make sure you try out a free HTML template, and learn how to customize it to your liking. The links at the end of this article can point you to some excellent websites that showcase free HTML templates that come with instructions on how to modify them to your needs.

Free Flash HTML templates

The best thing about the Internet is the spirit of sharing that it inspires. There are many designers that continue to put up well-crafted website templates for free, and have no qualms about sharing them. A powerful example of this endeavor is the prevalence of free Flash HTML templates on the Internet. While not all of these templates are of a decent quality, it's still possible to find a good flash template that's free and fits the design for your website.

A free Flash HTML template allows you the flexibility of using Flash on your website without having to learn complicated software. Most Flash templates come with pre-made animations, and all you have to do is to put in your own values. For example, a common effect is to combine Flash menus with HTML templates, and the only editing you need to do here is to change the menu titles.

Free FrontPage website templates

Another great option for you is to look for free FrontPage website templates. FrontPage templates are especially useful because for website owners who have used FrontPage, these templates offer them a comfortable, familiar working environment. FrontPage is a fast, easy-to-use website builder that you can use to throw together simple websites very quickly, and if you're looking to start your first website, you will most probable end up using FrontPage.

Where to download free website templates from

Free website templates can be found quite easily on the Internet. A quick search on Google for 'free HTML templates' can return over 10 million results. Many, if not all, of these websites would be offering free website templates, but short of visiting each and every website, you have no sure way of knowing which website has the best templates.

Here, you can find some of the finest collections of free HTML templates at TemplateWorkz, Open Source Web Design and free Flash templates. These templates come with instructions on customization, and they are divided into several categories so that you can choose a template according to your business or the purpose of your website. And of course, they are all free.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates


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