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Free Webmaster Tools

Webmasters or web designers have frequently made use of utility tools to help them to maintain and improve their websites. Here, we bring you a selection of free webmaster tools and utilities to make your life a little easier.

File Sharing

Need to send 2 GB large file to your client through email? This is a common problem that many webmasters are facing as most email systems limit the file size you can send. Now, a completely file transfer service can help you to share your huge files, up to 2 GB file! You upload your file to their website, enter your client's email and a short message and click send! You client receives the email and click on the link and begins to download the file immediately. See it yourself at


Internet Explorer has many security loop holes and these serious security threat have forced many web users to look for an alternative? Now, a free Web browser that set to overtake IE as the most popular browser on the web - Firefox. FireFox from is a full-featured web browser that is safe with many features not supported by IE. 'Tabbed Browsing' is a feature that allows you to surf multiple web sites without opening multiple browser windows. In addition, it limits potential harmful Active-X controls and annoying pop-up windows. In short, Firefox enables you to browse more safely and efficiently and faster at the same time. You can download latest Firefox here.

CuteFTP & SmartFTP

Every webmaster needs the FTP tool to upload their web pages, images, music file, software and etc from the PC to their web hosting server. CuteFTP, is a popular FTP client on the Internet that provides good performance and high security file transfer and ease-of-use at the same times. Another easiest FTP program is SmartFTP that enables you to upload files to the web like a Pro in minutes. SmartFTP is available in 20 languages, in other words, you can FTP in your familiar language now. You can download CuteFTP and smartFTP here!

Doctor HTML

Doctor HTML is a free service that help to analyze your web page based on document structure, image syntax, table analysis, browser support, verify hyperlinks, and much more. A very good tool to diagnose your web pages before you publish it online. An error free web page not only will ensure your web visitors have good experience browsing your website, but also ensure your web pages are search engine friendly at the same times.  You can test your web pages at Doctor HTML here!


ArtRage is an easy-to-use natural painting software that provide a natural approach to digital painting. The software provides a fun and realistic simulation of using natural drawing tools and materials on the PC. You can use paint, pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools, all on your computer screen to produce paintings based on photographs or other existing images! ArtRage is totally free. You can download ArtRage here!

AVG Anti-Virus 7

Do you want to protect your PC from virus but do not intend to pay for the anti-virus software? You can get a free anti-virus software from AVG now. AVG Free Edition is the popular anti-virus tool and Free is available free-of-charge to home users. What's more? It's Rapid virus database updates are also available for the lifetime of the product. AVG Free is easy-to-use and requires only very low system resources. You can download download AVG Anti-Virus 7 here!

FeedForAll - RSS Feeds

Do you want support RSS feeds on your website? Now, FeedForAll allows you to create, edit and publish RSS feeds easily. You can download an evaluation copy of FeedForAll here!

DigitalPoint - Webmaster Tools

The DigitalPoint provides wide range of very useful web tools for webmasters such as 'Keyword Ranking Monitor' tool that tracks historical search engine result placement data for any keyword and URL combination, 'Keyword Suggestion Tool' that lists the most searchable phrases/keywords, 'Backlink Tracking Tool' that tracks the history of your backlink to your website. You can visit DigitalPoint here! - Web Programming

Looking for free web programming resources and dynamic development tools to enhance your web site? is a directory that provides close to 30,000 web programming related resources in over 1,000 categories at your disposal. Here, you can find programming scripts such as CGI, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Flash, Active Server Pages and many many more. You can start your search at here!


Now, you can put a private phone number on your website for free. When your customers call you and leave a voicemail, it will be delivered to your email inbox directly. You can download and listen to your voicemail on your desktop anywhere in the world. You can get your free phone number at eVoice.


Do you want to get free technical support whenever you encounter those 'error messages' on your computer? Now at HelpOnThe.Net, just post your question on their forum and wait for the answer from the volunteers who made up of nerds and geeks. Alternatively, you may be able to find a solution to your problem by simply searching their extensive forum. Get your free technical support at HelpOnThe.Net.

Do you need low cost, high quality yet royalty free photo for your website, brochure, flyer or CD/DVD cover? Now, you don't have to buy huge CD ROM collection or sign up for a membership just to get one or two clipart or photos that you need. Today, you can find very compelling and high quality photo for only $1 to $2 (yes, it is not free but we think it is really value for money) whenever you need one. See for yourself the low cost yet royalty-free photos at

Jetico Personal Firewall

Firewall is a software that prevents unauthorized access to your personal computer, and unauthorized transmissions from your computer to the internet. Jetico personal firewall (freeware) offers detailed, configurable event logs, reports, and the option to view/edit the firewall setting. Download the Jetico personal firewall at


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