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Free Website Builders

When it comes to technology, automation is taking over in all aspects, whether it is manufacturing or in our case, website design. The last few years have seen a phenomenal growth in the number of website builders in the web development community, and the goal for each and every one is the same: to simplify the task of building a website as much as possible.

Using a website builder to create your web pages

A website builder can greatly cut down on your development time. If you use a website builder to create your web pages, you would not have to worry about creating a website template or theme from scratch, as many website builders come with built-in templates that can jumpstart your development process.

Additionally, using a website builder to create your web pages means that you don't need to hand-code write HTML code. Instead, every decent website builder comes with pre-configured methods that are as simple as inserting a hyperlink to advanced scripts such as a photo manager or a forum manager script.

Free website builder software

While the best website builder software eventually comes at a hefty price (Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium or Dreamweaver Creative Suite 3 ), it's possible to find free website builder software that is, if not perfect, then more than suitable for your needs. The key here, of course, is to understand what you're looking for in a website builder. Most of us don't want to build complicated websites, but instead simple, HTML websites that use a few customized scripts and that's it.

A website builder can reduce the seemingly complicated process of building a website to the easy, 1-2-3 perspective of filling in a few options and dragging and dropping elements on a page.

Free Flash website builders

If you're looking to build a website in Flash, there are several free Flash website builders available that don't require you to use complicated features such Macromedia's ActionScript. In fact, these are simple drag and drop website builders that you can use online to quickly build websites in as little as 10 minutes. Here are two recommended Flash website builders:

10 Minute Flash is a powerful free tool released by Level Ten Design to help beginners develop stunning Flash websites. They also include free website templates.

FlashBuilder is a free Flash website builder that allows you to select from a collection of templates and also lets you add a multitude of features to your Flash website.

Yahoo website builders

Ever since Yahoo! acquired GeoCities, they have been able to offer their own website hosting services. Yahoo! web hosting service is both free and paid for, depending on what sort of features you require on your website. However, the Yahoo! SiteBuilder is a website builders tool that is freely available to anyone. It is a powerful tool to use when you're in a hurry or don't have the technical skills to code in HTML.

The Yahoo! SiteBuilder not only comes with dozens of website templates, but a variety of other options for you to fully customize your website. Because it is meant for rapid deployment of websites, sometimes it might not be up to your requirements regarding design or features. That's where you can choose to manually customize the website, but with new website templates and features being regularly added, that is a remote possibility.

Free website builder download sites

Finding individual website builders and testing them is a tough job, and without any guidance you might end up wasting your valuable time on a useless piece of software. As such, there are several websites that not only provide downloads but also give reviews. One of them is (CNet's is the largest directory of software, and you can find the best free website builder software on it. Each software is accompanied by user reviews, and you can visit the developer's website for a more detailed description of the features.


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