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Finding a Good Web Designer: The Dos & Don'ts

Every one of us know that we simply cannot live a minute without Internet, especially those indispensable web portals. Internet has changed the way we live; how we buy our goods and services, and in which manner we source critical information. Above all, if you do not have a web portal today, you may cease to exist in today's world of fast paced changes. If you are planning to host a web site or of you are thinking of redesigning your existing web site, then you may need to either design the web site all by yourself or by outsourcing the design work to an outsider. Unless you really feel very confident about designing, formatting and creating a web site with your own effort, you may need to hire a professional and good web designer to create a good web site for you.

Outsourcing or hiring out the web designing job to an outsider is a very difficult process and you will need to know the secret nuance of outsourcing, as well as understand the realities and effects of hiring out critical job of web designing. Before you hire a professional web designer, you may need to determine what your objectives are and how you want to approach the problem in an efficient manner.

What are your overall objectives and goals?

  • What are the reasons for you to host your web site?

  • Are you looking for an e commerce solution?

  • Do you need to set up a big database of customers?

  • Do you wish to establish an efficient online selling portal?

  • Do you wish to set up a highly sophisticated payment gateway?

  • Do you host a lot of video and audio files?

  • Do you want to provide advanced courses and email newsletters to your clients?

Once you establish your objectives, it becomes quite easy for you to find out the manner and way in which you need your web site and its design. The real work starts once you have finalized the goals and objectives of your proposed web portal. Now, you are ready to begin the process of hiring a professional web designer to design and construct your web site.

Choosing and hiring a professional web designer is very tough and difficult, because you never know about the track record of the professional nor do you know whether a particular web designer is qualified to do the job or not. A simple search on a top search engine will provide you a big list of professional web designers. But, choosing one among them is just like finding a hairpin in a stack of grass. If you have a big project that involves a number complicated formats and pages, then seeking the services of an ordinary web designer is not enough. In fact, you may even out your project under serious jeopardy.

Here are some general tips that will help you choose the vest web designer:

  • Skills and qualification: Before you award the project, ensure that you are checking the professional's qualification and skill sets of the designer. While many of today's web designers are highly qualified, most of them are inexperienced and under-worked; choosing such a designer will not only delay your project, it may also seriously impair your schedules and plans. The quality of outsource project may be too inferior and disappointing. Before awarding the contract work, you will need to ask for a detailed reference list of previous contracts, as well as samples of previous contracts and portfolios.

  • Ask the designers to explain in detail about their opinions and feedback about the proposed project. Request for an action plan that describes in detail how the designer will pursue the objectives of the project.

  • Reliability is another important factor that influences the overall efficacy and effectiveness of the project. In fact, you can choose two types of web designers for your project- an affordable freelancer of a premium professional web designing firm. The choice is entirely yours; but, if you consider the factor of reliability, you may trust a professional web designing firm more than a professional freelancer. Freelancers may be highly talented, but they may lack the resources to carry out a big web designing task.

  • Guarantee for the quality of work output: You may need to seek 100% guarantee for the work produced by the web designer. To facilitate this guarantee, you may need to ask the web designer to sign a contract and a Non Disclosure Agreement, so that the designer will honor the entire service agreement clauses to the fullest effect.

  • Timelines and Commitment to the project: A committed web designer will provide the best possible results within the shortest possible time and allotted time frame. Meeting deadline and sticking on to the suggested guidelines are as important as anything other things and you may wish to insist on such commitments from the future web designers.

  • Copyright Violations: At any given point of time, you can easily count more than 100 million web sites in the wide world of Internet. Ensure that you are not copying nor plagiarizing the designs and format of other web sites and insist on the same from your web designer; let your web site be all original and authentic.

  • Insisting on rework and modifications: The web designer that you choose must be ready to rework on any part of the web site in case you find them not satisfactory.

  • Payment Clauses: You may wish to break down you payment cycle in consultation with the web designer. Make sure that you are breaking your payment pattern based on progressive submission of work complete reports. Never ever part with your money without seeing the completed work.

Finally, dealing with a professional web designer is all about finding the best one out there. It may take some time to find a good one and once you find your web designer, you are on your way to establish a fruitful and productive work relationship for a long time.


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