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Good Web Page Design Tips

When you are working on building a web site there are a number of good web page design tips you can use to make your site more attractive and appealing. There are many aspects to consider when you are trying to design a user friendly web page. Some good web page design tips include proper HTML coding, design tools, headlines, page sizes, images, testing and updates.

Valid HTML coding

Using proper HTML coding is one of the best good web page design tips that are currently available. It is a common believe in the "Search Engine Optimization" industry that a web page with flawless HTML code that conform to W3C standards would have a better chance of higher ranking. A web page design with missing HTML ending tag (such as </table>) or wrong attribute could negatively affect your search engine ranking. A search engine spider might incorrectly index a web page or even skip the web page altogether due to HTML coding error.

Moreover, Yahoo! and LookSmart had openly acknowledge at a 'Search Engine Strategies' conference that web sites with broken links or HTML error code could be penalized or rejected. There are ways you can avoid this problem. There are currently products available like Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver that automate the transformation of HTML. Using such web builder software will ensure perfect HTML coding. However if you do write your own HTML coding, you can make sure you follow the W3C HTML standards by using a HTML validation tool. If you are concern about your search engine ranking, then HTML code validation is a good web page design tip that you should practice every times before you publish your web page.

Web page size

When you are designing a web page you need to understand that first impressions really do make all the difference. With the number of web pages available of the net users simply will not wait for slow loading pages or navigate through numerous links in search of the information they are seeking. You should test every page you create to ensure that they load within a maximum of thirty to sixty second on a 56k modem. If you are finding that your pages are loading too slow you can remove flash animation and excessive images from your web page to increase their load times. Information should be available quickly and easily to your visitors without the need to navigate through several different links. However you should never have more then seven to ten pages listed in your site navigation as the number of choices can confuse or distract your visitors.

Web page dimension

When you are considering page dimensions for you web page there are several things to keep in mind. People do not generally like to scroll either down or side to side when they are reading information from your site. You can help prevent this by condensing information as much as possible and using centered fonts. Reading from a computer screen is also much more difficult on the eyes than reading a paper version. To help ease the stress on your user's eyes when you are designing a web page it is a good idea to break up the information into smaller paragraphs. Using certain colors and fonts in combinations can also help ease the tensions on the eyes. Most users generally prefer to read in either Times New Roman 12 font or Verdana 10 point fonts.

Design tools

There are a number of different web design tools available that will make the process of creating a web page much easier. One of the very good web page design tips is to pretest any pages that you have made using web design tools before you upload them to your site. Some of the many web design tools currently available include Adobe PageMill, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Fusion, Aracnophilia, Paint Shop Pro, ImageReady, and Adobe Photoshop. These types of software can aid in everything from page development to image creation.

Web page headlines

Headlines are another important aspect when you are attempting to capture the attention of your reading. Using properly bolded headline can attract your viewer's attention to specific parts of the web page. This is an effective method of ensuring that you portray your information quickly to the user and maintain their interest while they are viewing your web pages.

Web page testing

When you are creating a web page the most important of all the good web page design tips is constant testing and updating. There are many different sizes of monitors and distinct Internet browsers available for public use. In depth testing is required to ensure that your web page will load properly on each of the major web browsers. You should have available to you all of the most recent editions of the major web browsers to properly test how your web page will appear on them. You need to be careful when you are using java scripting and some HTML features on your web pages due to recent friction between the major internet browser companies. Some of your programming features will not display properly on specific browser simply because the two companies are rivals and are not currently supporting the other browsers specifications.

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