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Affordable Hosting Reseller

If you are a web developer, web designer, VAR, system integrator or SEO who are currently provide Internet business solutions to your customers, you may want to resell web hosting services as an additional service for your customers. In fact, reseller web hosting is the perfect solution for anyone looking for starting a web hosting business without a huge investment.

Basically, a reseller purchases a bulk hosting plan from a larger web hosting company, or so called web hosting reseller, and subdivides into smaller plans and resells these plans to individual users. As a reseller, you can establish your own reseller hosting brand name and control the pricing, hosting features as well as marketing strategy.

How do resellers make money?

For example, a reseller purchases a 20,000 MB of disk space and 200,000 MB of bandwidth for a monthly price of $100 from a hosting reseller. The reseller can then subdivides this into 100 accounts, which are each allocated 200 MB of disk space and 2000 MB of bandwidth. The reseller say charges $8 per month per account. If the reseller sells out all the accounts, he/she makes revenue of $800 per month. The net profit is $700 per month after deducting the hosting cost of $100.

How do you get started as a reseller?

The first thing you need to do to become a reseller is find a hosting reseller that can provide reliable hosting and good support. This is very important because as a reseller you are depending on the hosting reseller to create a reputation of customer satisfaction. Next, you just follow the sign-up procedures of the hosting reseller to setting up your reseller account. Finally, you can create your reseller website and start selling your reseller hosting service.

Here are few affordable hosting resellers that we recommend:

JustHost Reseller JustHost
Reseller hosting plan start at $19.95/month with free setup, 75 GB diskspace and 600 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains, WHM Admin control panel, free unlimited cPanel accounts plus free billing system.

Reseller hosting plan start at $24.95/month with free setup 50 GB diskspace and 500 GB bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, cPanel, unlimited domains.

Heart Internet
Reseller hosting plan start at 29.99 per month with free setup unlimited web space, bandwidth and domains, 99.9% uptime, eXtend control panel.



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