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Understanding How HTML Color Codes Work

Proper use of the HTML color codes is an important aspect to any web site. Using the proper colors to attract and capture the attention of internet surfers is a vital part of internet success. Improper use of the HTML color codes could reflect badly on your site and your visitor ratio. Improper coloring can lead to difficult to read screens, lost information, and frustrated customers.

Color coding plays a very important part in HTML and web design. The HTML is one of the more complicated systems around. This is necessary to accurately portray all of the possible color scenarios that are available on a web page. The current html color code can accurately portray over sixteen million different colors that are visually distinguishable to the human eye. Thanks to this complex system of letters and numbers web designers are able to fully capture and portray all of the colors that are visible to the human eye.

When someone who is unfamiliar with HTML is looking at the HTML color codes it can appear to be nothing more then gibberish, this however is not the case at all. The HTML color codes are all based on a hexadecimal system. This system has a base of 16 numbers which are for the sixteen predefined colors available. The available values of the hexadecimal system include zero nine and the letters A through F the color table is increased dramatically into thousands of different possible colors.

The standard HTML color codes are represented in the following sequence #XXXXXX. The X's represent either letters or numbers to create an almost unlimited variety of colors. The system was designed in the same method as most computer display methods using the RGB method. The RGB method stands for the Red, Green, Blue method. The first two letters found in the hexadecimal system represent the red component that is found in your color. The second set represents the green, and the third set of double numbers represents the blue component. Each color has a minimum value of zero and a maximum value of 255. The color white is achieved by setting all three of the fields to the maximum 255. For example:

  • #000000 is black (0's for all three colors)

  • #FFFFFF is white (255's for all three colors)

  • #FF0000 is all RED (255 for Red, 0 green, 0 blue)

  • #00FF00 is all GREEN (0 Red, 255 green, 0 blue)

  • #0000FF is all Blue (0 red, 0 green, 255 blue)

  • #FFFF00 is Yellow (255 red, 255 green, and 0 blue)

  • #808080 is a gray (128 red, 128 green, and 125 blue)

The total number of possible color combinations is approximately 16.6 million.

A recent development created web safe colors that contain only two hundred and sixteen colors instead of the possible two hundred and fifty six. This was done by the internet browser companies to help standardize the look and feel of the internet. By using web safe colors it also helps enhance the capabilities of cross platform web pages. Web safe colors are becoming less of a concern and more of a hassle for the average internet user. These web safe colors do not print accurately and they are almost obsolete now that no one is using 256 colors any longer. However if you would like to use the web safe colors to aid anyone who might still be using less than 256 color you can do so without causing any real harm. The only difference will be that you are limiting yourself to two hundred and sixteen colors instead of 256.

You can use the HTML color codes in many ways on your web site. You can use it to change font colors, set background colors, and even to change your heading colors. The introduction of cascading style sheets has made setting standard HTML color codes throughout your entire website even easier. This style sheets can set a general standard that will hold true throughout all of your web pages to ensure that you have some conformity for your web site.

Spending a reasonable amount of time becoming familiar with the HTML color codes and there various uses are crucial to your online success. With the average internet surfer spending only thirty to sixty seconds making a judgment if the site is worth the time it will take to browse color codes become very important. An attractive and appealing color code can make all the difference when you are trying to keep the attention of internet surfers. Without an attractive and eye catching web site you will be lost in the sea of all the other mundane or ordinary web sites that are currently out there.


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