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Linux hosting or Windows hosting: Which is better Web Hosting?

Of late, there is an intense debate as to which operating system is better for hosting a web site. There are people who simply love and swear by the very old Windows operating system, while several other freedom loving, adventurous-minded and Open Source fanatics who dance around the tunes of highly intuitive Linux systems, will vouch their money on the evergreen Linux operating system. Right now, hundreds of web hosting providers offer excellent bargains on Linux web hosting packages, while many others still prefer Windows web hosting solutions to support their website activities.

Whatever the merits of the arguments may be, the ultimate truth depends on what you do with either one of these two systems. Linux (and its close sibling, UNIX) and Windows 2000 and above (and its close relative, Windows NT) are the types of operating systems that web servers use to host the web sites. Being highly technical, they are very difficult to understand and comprehend, and you do not really need to know any real information of either one to arrive at a conclusion, as to which one you actually require. Nevertheless, here are a few tips and guidelines to help you make better decision.

In fact, it is very easy to forward a particular type of argument defending a particular variety of web hosting server. Just because you always use a windows computer in your office does not really mean that you have to choose a Windows web hosting; and the reverse is true as well with the Linux operating systems. The main point is that the operating system that you use right now will never have any bearing with selection of the web host.

Nevertheless, what is more critical is that you must understand what you really want to do with your website and in what way you wish to carry out your website activities. These projected objectives will ultimately assist determine the type of web hosting that works best for you. In some case, a windows web hosting system will work wonders for you, while in many other instances, people get amazing results, when they use a Linux web hosting solution.

Linux web hosting system has been the preferred flavor as the best OS for web servers. The plus point with this Linux web server is that it is very stable and rugged, efficient and wholesome. It is also quite stable and unique, when you consider the aspect of web mail servers. Linux is in fact a common expression for a number of different operating systems. Called and labeled as Open Source, Linux OS is highly advanced, malleable, changeable and open for improvements. Linux OS is compatible with many web-hosting solutions and it is quite popular with the ever-popular programming language, PHP. Even more, Linux is free of cost!

However, the main question here is - even with its perceived benefits and advantages, is the Linux web hosting solution still better and reliable? If you consider the type of applications and scripts that you plan to use in your web site, then Linux is far ahead of the Windows web hosting solutions.

However, Windows web hosting solution has its own set of merits and advantages when compared to Linux web hosting solutions. If you feel that applications that you use are highly Microsoft specific and dependant, then Windows web hosting solutions are better for you. Microsoft makes an intuitive operating system especially for web servers. These operating systems allow true and real-time integration with Microsoft's many popular software products and allow you to run Active Server Pages (unique computer scripts for dynamic web site content) on your web site. Microsoft's web server also provides a true integration with its extensive SQL database, which is one of the more powerful and efficient databases. If your site incorporates and runs an online searchable database or interactive voice and video chatting system, then Windows 2000 or NT will be a better and intelligent choice in many cases. However, its phenomenally higher set-up costs would deter people from choosing it as their preferred web hosting choice.

Here are some more factors that you must consider before choosing either one of the above web hosting packages:

Stability: Web servers running on a Linux OS is far more stable and rugged than the one that depends on the Windows OS. They will also have a very high up time compared to crash-prone Windows web servers.

Cost of Ownership: The Linux is free source software and hence comes to you free of charge. With your Linux web host solutions, you will also get a complete server, several desktop applications and utilities, all free of charge!

Ease of Use: Web hosting is very easy with Linux servers. However, it might be a little difficult for a newbie to know the intricacies and difficulties of understanding the basic principles of Linux OS. On the other hand, Windows OS is very famous, easy to understand and use, with its many user-friendly applications and scripts.

Migration: It is very easy to switch over from a Linux web hosting server to Windows server. However, it is actually very difficult to switch over from a Windows server to a Linux platform.

Scalability: As a web site is very dynamic, you will need to consider the factor of scalability while choosing a particular type of web server. In this regard, Windows web hosting solutions are probably the best among the two. It is so easy to integrate and gel those overwhelming MS applications and developing scripts within the Windows web servers.

Now the big question is which is the best among two? It actually depends on your needs and requirements. If you feel that the aspect of security and 100% web site uptime are the critical needs, then may wish to settle for a Linux web hosting service. If you are running several databases and highly technical MS applications in your web site, then you may consider choosing a good Windows web hosting package. It is not entirely about which web hosting solutions is the best; rather it is all about what you wish to do with your website!


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