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Magento Hosting

Websites are becoming interactive and they are used to reach out to customers everywhere. People still use them as online brochures but those who use the internet to its full potential knows that websites should be dynamic. In this premise the number online shopping carts is rapidly growing, what best way there is to generate income through the internet, but to directly sell the products and close the sale via the internet as well.

Magento is a very powerful shopping script developed by Varien. It is open source, meaning it's free. It is run using Zend Php and uses MySQL as data storage. Magento is very flexible due to its modular architecture and it is now gaining a wide popularity among website owners.

Here are some of the features that make Magento one of the widely used ecommerce script today

  • Magento is very powerful and comes in a very user-friendly layout. Product and category creation is easily manageable.

  • Magento provide all customers with an account to track all their activities on the store. This also makes the customers more “at- home” when they login to the shopping cart.

  • There are many available shipping and payment options in Magento. Whatever your location is, for sure there is a shipping and payment option that would apply to you.

  • SEO features are also taken care of by Magento, plugins are created to make sure that tha product pages are search engine friendly.

  • Store promotions and discounts are features Magento also have. With some minor settings changes, any store owner can put up a 2-week promotion on specific items in the store, in any given day.

  • With its popularity Magento has a very active developer/user community where you can find useful stuff to implement or even install in your store, after all there are thousands of plugins available for Magento.

With all these features, it is good to know that your web host can support all that Magento has to offer.

With the wide spread use of Magento, web hosting companies are now offering Magento hosting as one of their webhosting package. Magento hosting is simply a web hosting created for storing and running the Magento ecommerce script. Magento hosting provides store owners with servers optimized and configured to run Magento as reliable and fast as possible. Reliable Magento hosting makes it easy to setup and configure your store from top to bottom. Page downloads are fast and the possibility of down time is minimal. Customers will always be able to get what they want when they want, making their shopping experience trouble-free.

Magento and basically all online stores carries up to thousands of products, these products in turn has descriptions, SKU, price and all other details pertaining to each particular product in a specific category or sub category. Try to imagine 1000 customers accessing these products simultaneously, Magento hosting provides data storage for these products and makes sure that response time in fetching the data once requested, even simultaneously will be no problem. The bandwidth allocation for Magento hosting is set so that it can support a many sale transactions at one time, this translates to bigger profits and faster return on investment for the store owner.

There are Magento stores that enables users to create or personalize their purchased product in the store itself, having this great feature requires fast servers that can implement the various customization or personalization that a customer want to add in a product. An illustration of a pearl or an overlay of text print on T-shirts in a shirt store perhaps are examples of this. Magento hosting are housed in fast servers that are able to do internal processing at fast speeds.

As mentioned earlier, online payments are made possible by Magento through payment gateways. This requires communication between the payment gateway and the site. To make sure that payment goes through and transactions are closed, fast Magento hosting is a must. Magento hosting are configured to make sure this communication will not break down.

You will never go wrong with Magento, especially if the main focus of your site is to sell products, physical or downloadable. It is your tasks as store owner to find the most suitable Magento hosting. Below are few Magento hosting that we highly recommended (with just 1-click installation you can get your Magento website up and running immediately):

BlueHost BlueHost
Bluehost plan start at $3.95/month with free setup, unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. You can install Magento directly within the cPanel control panel with a single click!


hostgator Hostgator
Hostgator Plan offers unlimited diskspace and bandwidth at $3.96/month with free setup. Similar to Bluehost, you can install Magento directly from the cPanel's Fantastico script library!




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