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So you Want to Make Your Own Website for Free?

When you are thinking about attempting to make your own website for free there are many things that you should take into consideration. A free website is a shared domain name with your own little section. An example of a free web site sub domain name could be The listing of a homepage is a great use for free sites and you should consider this option if you are going to make your own website for free. However if you are creating a more professional site or a business site than a free website could cause you more problems than benefits.

How to make a free web site?

When you are creating a new website for the first time you will be required to register with a free web page hosting. You will be asked for some general information like your name, email address, and your current address. Making a free website has become a very simplistic task that can be handled by any novice user. Technology has advanced to the point where the user will only have to make some simple selections and a web site wizard will automatically create your pages for you. Some of the selections you should expect to make include colors, page template, page information, and if your web site will include pictures. These are the most common features you will encounter when you attempt to make your own web site for free.

Disadvantages and problems with free websites

There are many disadvantages to using free web sites and you should take them all into consideration before deciding to make your own free web site. Some of the most annoying features of free web sites include intrusive banners and pop up ads, limited page alterations, small storage space, limited bandwidth, sub domains, and a small maximum file upload size. Free web site also encounter extensive problems with server down time compared to a paid web host. All of these features make using a free web site service a very unwise choice for a professional or business web site.

Advantages of owning your own domain name

Getting a true domain name is the least expensive way that you can dramatically improve on your website. The main reason that a real Internet domain name is better than the ones you get when you make your own web site for free is that it is much easier to remember the true Internet domain names. This is because sub domain names can be very lengthy and difficult to commit to memory. As an example consider compared with As a general rule, the shorter your domain name is the better as people will remember it easier.

Advantages of a paid web host

There are several distinct advantages to using a paid web host over the free web page hosting. The main benefit of using a paid web host is it will allow you to register the domain name of your choice instead of a sub domain. Other advantages of using a paid web host include live technical support, a much higher ratio of uptime which is guaranteed, large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, and you can transfer your web site to any web hosting provider without losing any of your traffic because you will still have the same domain name. Unlike free web page hosting has limited features, most paid web hosting services will provide you with PHP, MySQL, and CGI scripts to enhance the appearance and effectiveness of your web site.

Best way to create a website

The easiest way to create your website is by using a site similar to GoDaddy. Using a site like this you can search to see if the Internet domain names you want are still available. If the domain name that you have selected is still available it is often wise to register all the possible endings such as .ca,.uk,.net, .info etc... this will ensure that if anyone misspells your domain ending they will still arrive at your site. Following this logic it is also wise to register domains that are similar in spelling to your own or that are often spelt incorrectly.

The web hosting industry is very competitive so if you are willing to shop around you should be able to find very reasonable hosting rates. You should always ensure that you will receive high uptimes, look for a host with at least 99 percent, and twenty four hour support in case you encounter unexpected difficulties. You can find some of the best quality and cheap web hosting here.


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