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Multi-Platform Web Hosting Service Explained!

In the web hosting industry, the issues of providing enhanced features, versatility and a range of selection assumes extraordinary importance, as they become imperative for web hosting companies to stay alive in the existing highly competitive market. Today, web hosting market commonly provides both Windows and Linux platform based plans. However, many host service providers sell these hosting plans independent of each other as individual plans. Realizing this pitfall, a number of web hosting service providers are changing their plans to include hosting solutions, that include both Windows and Linux based hosting options, which are compatible with each other.

Multi-platform web hosting has been the current flavor of web masters, as it offers many unique advantages and benefits to the users. The technology of adapting a multi-platform web hosting solutions involves providing a cross section of utilities and software support that includes both OS platforms. In fact, this new system of providing different operating systems within the same hosting package has the immense potential to be the industry standard for the next decade.

Up until yesterday, you simply had to make a single choice: Windows or Linux hosting! But, everything has changed now for the better. With the new multi-platform based web hosting, you can get the added power of both Windows and Linux in one singe bundle. The technology that is applied and executed to make multi-platform web hosting possible is very simple.

Typically, .NET applications are natively performed on a Windows (usually 2003) clustered server grid. On the other hand, all open source applications like PHP, Ruby and Python are also natively executed on a Linux based sever grid. In a multi-platform system, the web hosting service provider will manage both platforms with a single and dedicated control panel, a FTP and SSH account. In essence, multi-platform service is possible by creating a load balancing of HTTP requests to their respective server clusters.

In a nutshell, multi-platform based service provides a unified and combined development environment that supports and assists the latest and modern Microsoft .NET Frameworks (ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, as well as classic ASP), all Linux scripting languages (like Perl, PHP and Ruby) and major databases like Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

Under normal circumstances, multi-platform hosting plans offer the following features like:

  • ASP.NET 2.x, 1.x

  • Classic ASP and

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  • Linux

  • Apache

  • MySQL

  • PHP

Multi-platform web hosting system provides a series of benefits and advantages like:

  • Complete flexibility and maneuverability: You can allocate your accounts across two main platforms like Windows and Linux. You can also integrate other servers like FreeBSD Servers, Coldfusion Servers, SharePoint Servers and MS Exchange Servers

  • It is also possible to resell dedicated servers and package clusters with this account.
    • You can also support a host of other applications like PHP, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, pgSQL, MS SQL, MS Access and others.

  • With multi-platform plan, you can automate your system with integrated billing, registrar services, resale facilities and an active helpdesk function.

  • Other notable advantage is your ability to keep all your web site components under one single umbrella. It is also possible to host a range of different web sites, domains and e mail accounts for each of these sites and domains.

  • You can also integrate all other functions like email forwarding, email spam control and anti-virus protection across both the platforms with in single control panel.

  • It is also easy to integrate developmental solutions and software applications to the cluster systems of both Windows and Linux operating platforms.

At present, the technology that underlines the multi-platform hosting is still in its infancy. You can expect advanced developments in OS integration within days to come, as many experts are still working on the minor details of the system. Right now, the rate plans for multi-platform web hosting ranges from $14 to $25 for a simple, no-frills attached plan and $50 to $135 for highly developed, premium services.

Businesses and private entrepreneurs always want to cut down on their operating costs involving web site running and maintenance. Hence, with multi-platform type of web hosting, you need not buy two separate accounts to use both Windows and Linux OS tools, to build and manage the web sites. Many multi-platform web hosting service providers are providing the best of both the worlds at down to earth prices! The biggest benefit of using such an enterprising web hosting solution is the seamless integration of both Windows and Linux platforms with least hassles.

Here is a Multi-Platform Web Hosting Service that we recommend:


HostGator Enterprise Plan
HostGator Enterprise Plan multiplatform hosting features included unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. Hosts 5 websites, PHP 5, ASP .NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, ASP classic,, Ajax, MySQL, MS SQL 2008. Instant activation.

GoDaddy Deluxe Plan (Windows)
GoDaddy Deluxe Plan (Windows) multiplatform hosting service at only US$6.64/month. Features included 150 GB diskspace, 1500 GB bandwidth, hosts unlimited websites, PHP 4 or 5, ASP .NET 1.0/2.0/3.5, ASP classic, Perl, ColdFusion, MySQL, MS SQL, MS ACCESS, 24/7/365 Support & FREE Setup.


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