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Personal Web Hosting: Free or Cheap

For webmaster that is just starting to create a web site, choosing the right web hosting service could be very confusing and strenuous. With so many web hosts announcing and promoting their web hosting services, it becomes all the more difficult to choose the best among them. Internet is a big catalogue of web hosting service providers; some of them offer free personal web hosting, while others boast of cheap web hosting services with mouth-watering hosting plans and prices. If you are a newbie and planning to host a personal web site, which personal web hosting service are you going to choose? Here are some tips and suggestions that will guide you to choose the best available personal web hosting plan and service.

While a number of hosting plans are available for you to host your web site, services that claim to provide cheap web hosting service are also increasing day by day. Cheap hosting is no longer cumbersome to find with so many services made available to customers. If you are looking for cheap web host service, it is possible to pick up a good one though with some restrictions and disadvantages. As a webmasters you can choose one of the many options available; you may wish to go for a service provider that provides cheap yet somewhat professional services. Some of them may even offer web designing, email support, routine maintenance and management support.

However, it is quite improper to consider all cheap web hosting pans are equal and similar. Thus, to find the best web hosting services, you have to make sure that you are getting the maximum number of features and utilities. Some of the essential things that you must consider are:

  • Bandwidth

  • Disk space

  • Server technology,

  • Server response time

  • POP3 email accounts and

  • Efficient customer service policies.

However, cheap does not necessarily mean the best and there are a number of disadvantages linked to cheap web hosting. At times, the web host service provider that provides the cheap web hosting plan may simply ignore and neglect you while catering to those pricey and premium customers. Secondly, the quality of technical and consumer support may be substandard when compared to paid, premium services.
A number of webmasters seek free web hosting plans to float their web sites because of financial and budgetary constraints. People who seek such free services are those who want to set up their personal web sites for the first time. In some cases, people may also want free web hosting services just simply because they want to try out their online business idea or as first real steps for their web presence before they commit on a paid web hosting service. This is one of the main reasons why free web hosts have given their contribution to the rising popularity of internet.

While hosting the web site for the first time, many face the confusion of choosing between free or cheap web hosting. Although the expenses related to cheap web hosting are rather tiny, it's still your cash. One of the major advantages of free web hosting services is their enhanced ability to provide a number of features that were almost impossible just sometime ago. Of late, a number of such services are offering potential webmasters a number of additional services like POP email systems, enhanced security add-ons, anti-virus tools and better web designing templates to be used for designing web sites.

However, free web hosting plans may come with their own restrictions and riders like:

  • Low bandwidth

  • Reduced disk space

  • A cap on upload and download limits

  • Restricted add-on and additional utilities on the web server

In addition, free web hosting users may also need to host a number of banners, hot links, insert affiliate links, and allow frames and advertisement windows that eventually reduce the overall effectiveness of the web site. Free web host providers will also provide a very long URL that is quite difficult to recall and remember. Potential problems with the web host, possible hardware failure, and lower bandwidth/disk space may prevent your visitors coming back to the site.

Thus, you will need to think carefully before hosting your web site either using free web hosting or cheap web hosting. This becomes very critical, if you want others to take you and your web site seriously. When you settle for a good and reliable web host you can actually enhance your personal image and professional credentials. Your overall goals must focus at establishing your presence in the big world of internet.


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