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WAP Web Hosting Explained

The world of mobile communication has seen a number of technological developments and inventions, and one of the noteworthy innovations is the advent of WAP technology. WAP Technology (also called, wireless application protocol) is an unique method that ensures delivery of information and knowledge to the subscriber, who accesses internet services by using their mobile devises like smart phones and PDA. The advent of WAP technology is a wonderfully integrated tool that provides information at the snap of your fingertips. Many people predict that, over the next few years, WAP sites will become extremely popular and e-commerce over mobile phones will be widely available.

Fact: Mobile Web Services facilities are all about assisting create and set up Web services standards and protocols that will enable and empower fresh and enhanced business opportunities in the mobile sphere and thus deliver integrated and/or assorted services wide across wireless networks, scattered across a wide swathe of area. Mobile Web services always employ current and new Extensible Markup Language (XML)-dependant Web application services to provide mobile WAP services to a large number of consumers.

In essence, WAP is a sophisticated communication protocol system with an ability to detect, identify and interpret web pages and Internet commands in a special and unique method. It is also a convenient tool that allows users of mobile devices to access internet facilities wherever they go, provided they are within the cell area. Of late, technology used by highly competitive mobile services providers belongs to highest quality standards.

Simply speaking, WAP system works in its own unique way; your mobile device will make a particular request via a wireless application protocol system to a special server, also called a gateway. Once the request reaches the gateway, it will provide an answer by converting the URL and the embedded contents back to the subscriber using the same route. Thus, WAP is a two-way communication between the subscriber of the service and the service provider, and there is a continuous relay of requests and fulfillment of these requests, which ultimately ends in display of web pages and their contents in a dynamic way.

WAP works in almost all network medium like GSM, CDMA, TDMA and DECT and many other similar services. You can use any of these medium to host your WAP services on your web site. Hosting a WAP enabled web site is actually very easy and straightforward. However, before creating such a website, you must ensure that the service firm you choose must be able to provide an impeccable service.

You may not be planning for a WAP enabled web site, but it is always a bright idea to learn and adapt the new technology in the near future. To start your WAP services, you will need to set up a web site that tells your clients and consumers about your activities. In the initial stages, start off with a very small web site with one or few pages. This will help you test the quality of the services offered by the mobile firms. Once you become accustomed with the quality and after you master the technology of WAP, you can take off with a larger web site that offers a myriad of services.

Tips: The important sites that immediately benefit from WAP enabled services are the ones that offer services like email, chatting, live sports and weather services and stock market details. Apart from the above mentioned services, you can also create web sites that deal with music and greetings.

How do you set up a web site that provides WAP enabled services?

Here are few simple steps that can help you in setting up WAP services website:

  1. Before creating the site, start collecting a set of simple WML tools and software applications. In many respects, the language WML is similar to HTML language and it is an analogue of HTML. WML language is a simple to learn language and it provides a guide on how the text needs transformation, so that you can display the hierarchy of the screens and embedded hyperlinks between the screens. The essential difference between HTML and WML language lies in their content type; in HTML pages use text/html combination, while text/VND.WAP.WML for an ordinary WML document.

  2. Once you have the site ready, you can register your domain name with a .mobi type of top level domain that is the standard used for WAP services.

  3. To have a WAP enabled website, you have to look for a web hosting provider that offers WAP web hosting service.

Finally, once your WAP enabled website is online, millions of mobile users will be able to access your website through their handphone at anytime, at anywhere.


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