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What is Web Host Uptime?

A foreign buyer stumbled upon an online furniture store and decided to purchase a considerable amount of items since he was having his house renovated and would need new furniture. He spent almost an hour navigating the store and making sure that all bits and pieces of furniture were placed in his online shopping cart. He was ready to pay the total amount which was equal to almost a month's profit of the furniture store, he clicked the checkout button and the page went blank. He tried to refresh the page one more time to no avail. He decided to navigate to the contact us page but still the website was down. He got fed up and searched for another furniture store. This is a classic scenario of profits lost due to website uptime or the lack thereof.

Web host Uptime is the measure of the web host server's reliability and stability. It is the span of time that the server is left unattended with having any issues. Once an issue is triggered, the website becomes inaccessible to visitors, in which it is called server outage or website downtime.

The factors affecting a web host's uptime along with possible solutions are as follows:

Web Host Upgrade

Not all downtimes are bad; websites really need to be inaccessible once in a while for the web hosting companies to update the platform on which the website is housed. It is also true that a long uptime is not always good, with the premise of the server being left unattended in long periods of time, this sometimes equates to negligence on the part of the web hosting company since there are essential updates in the platform that really needs a system reboot in order to be implemented.

Exceeded Bandwidth

A website when accessed simultaneously by a considerable amount of people sometimes experience downtime. This is the reason why it is good to invest in a web hosting service where there is unlimited bandwidth allocation. Optimizing the images and content of a website, making the codes as short as possible and the image file size as small as possible is a significant way to reduce the chances of having exceeded bandwidth. Remember, every time a visitor goes to a website, everything inside it is downloaded to the web browser and at the same time is charged against your bandwidth allocation.

Unreliable Server

You may have visited intermittent websites. These are websites where you need to refresh a page in order to view it. Website uptime is not only measured by the span of time a server is unattended but also if whole website pages are loaded without timing out. A web page timing out simply refers to web page that did not finish loading. If loading time out occurs this means that the server is in its full capacity or the server has encountered some problems needed to be resolved. In some cases unreliable service is caused by a slow server, the computer itself, there is no solution to this but to switch to another web host or wait for your web host to upgrade their machines.

Malicious Attacks

You just installed a fresh discussion board script in your site then left it untouched for a month. When you are ready to do the customizations, you end up with a notice that your site is unavailable. You asked your web hosting company the reason of the outage and they said that you forum is being spammed. Spamming, hacking or whatever you want to call it causes the server to shut down your site. This is to prevent the attack spreading in the whole server, especially if you are in a shared hosting. This is the reason why you should always make the "correct site settings" during the development of the website. Setting the website with security and reliability in mind is always on top of the list in website development.

Being a website owner and using a web host package, you deserve to have the best web hosting service there is. Your websites should be accessible whenever, wherever. Website outages equates to profits lost and it is a good practice to monitor your site and make sure they are always up and running. There are a number of programs that monitor your website availability. These programs alert you if you have website outages. You can surely use this to determine if you are given the best web hosting service there is or it is time to switch web hosts.


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