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Three Most Common Questions you should Ask About Web Hosting

You're business is on the rise and profits are coming in from walk in customers. Being an entrepreneur, you never stop thinking of new ideas to promote your business and to grow your company. You have marketing plans laid out and your possible strategies are set, you came up with a priority list to be able to reach as many people as possible, for sure having an online presence is on top of that list.

The first step in making your presence felt online is to have an idea of what you want to have online. Will you put all your company details in your website, along with an electronic copy of your sales letter? Will you pull out the brochures you give out to people on the streets and make it a template for your website? Is it feasible and profitable if you put up an online store? Do you want an online gallery perhaps? Will you host it in your own computer or subscribe to a web host? After all the brainstorming, you would surmise that the most cost effective way to implement whatever your online campaign will be is to have it hosted by a web hosting company. Having your website hosted by web hosting companies leave you with all the of "what's" since web hosting companies will take care of the "how's".

These are the most common questions you should ask about web hosting:

  1. What do I really need from my web host?

  2. Which web host provider to choose?

  3. Can I grow with my web hosting provider?

What Do I really Need from my Web Host?

As a subscriber you should be able to know the features that your hosting company has to offer. Upon gaining that knowledge you would be able to know which web hosting package is right for you type of business.

Types of web host - There are two common types of hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Shared web hosting is recommended for those people who are just starting to build an online presence. It is called shared, since you are literally sharing the server both machine and resources with other subscribers of your web hosting company. Your websites are run and stored in a single machine along with other users. They are only virtually separated, so that only the respective owners can access their respective data. If you are just starting out but will be processing private or delicate data, such as credit card numbers, payroll or other confidential company information, dedicated hosting is for you. With dedicated hosting, you alone are renting the server and no one else shares space and resources with you.

Reliability - Server differs from web hosts to web hosts; it is good to know that your server will be able to process all page requests at any given place in any given time. This is where reliability comes in. There is no best way to determine web hosting reliability but to ask people who have already used the service. Go to relevant forum discussions or review sites to know the feedback of actual customers from their own web hosting company.

Which Web Host Provider to Choose?

As any business transaction, you should know who you are dealing with. Knowing the company profile as well as the facilities and resources your web hosting have, gives you a broader view whether to subscribe to them or not.

Company Profile - Majority of the time, but not always, the length of time a web host is on business equates to their ability to provide reliable services to their subscribers. Make sure you pick an established web hosting company. If they are just staring out, ask for the facilities they have. Do they have their own data centers? What are the specifications of their web servers? This will enable you to have an insight of what you're getting into.

Customer Service/Technical Support - This is what make or break a web hosting company. Since subscribers encounter problems with their sites for whatever reason it maybe. Customer service should be top notch when picking the right web host. Ask around and look for reviews regarding a web hosting's customer support and most likely you will know if web hosts take care of their customers or not.

Location - Commonly overlooked, the geographical location of the web host data center should be considered in picking web hosts. Pick the one nearest to your priority target market, this ensures reliable and fast response time.

Can I Grow with My Web Hosting Provider?

After you have successfully established your online presence, it is comforting to know that there is always room for growth with regards to web hosting or your online presence in general. Make sure that your web hosting company has the ability to “grow” with you and provide you with more features that you might need as you expand your online empire.


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