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Web 2.0 Designing: New Trend and Emerging Technology

What is Web 2.0 designing? What is so important about Web 2.0 designing? Many people employ this term to describe:

  • An ongoing resurgence or development in the worldwide economy

  • An established modern type of technological interaction between web sites and what they offer to their customers

  • A resurgent and upcoming social revolution that involves new types of online communities and a host of different social networks

  • Alternately, it is also the recent emergence of a new school of web site designing

However, in a general sense Web 2.0 designing, is all about importing new innovations in how you design your web site and later integrate new format and standards. The web 2.0 revolution provides us a new vista of web designing, where you can witness significant design innovations in the guise of rounded corners, pastel colors, three dimensional shining buttons, reflective page surfaces, larger fonts and many other similar modifications. These innovations bring about a refreshing change in how a web page looks and feels to a casual onlooker.

However, what really sets apart the highly innovative Web 2.0 web designing concept is the capability of web designers to intelligently integrate a host of different forms of aspects with the new web designing technology. Some of the most promising technological features that the Web 2.0 designing format are:

  • Multi-dimensional navigation

  • Social bookmarking features

  • Community and forum search

  • Users recommendations, opinions and comments

  • User generated and written content, comments and contributions

  • Video conferencing and chat components

The usage of Web 2.0 technology has since been in popular usage for more than four years now and Google provides more than 10 million Web 2.0 enabled web site citations. Though there is a definite school of thought that says that technology is just a misnomer, the current buzzword is WEB 2.0 web designing!

Web 2.0 web designing is a new and evolving concept with plenty of new and modern features like:

Simplicity of Applications: Information dissemination is quite simple and it is more of social in nature. It also embraces a new type of social and alternate concepts that are appealing to the site visitors.

  • Centered Design: Most of the web pages designed are centered on the page with a non-cluttered content format. The design format is quite practical and user oriented.

  • Rounded Edges: The current web designing trend is to round out corners, even on the fonts. It also signifies an informal attitude and a casual approach to the overall designing.

  • Lower case fonts: These fonts bring a neat harmony to the web pages and it also compliments the casual tone of the web site. Lower case fonts are also the trend of these web sites.

  • Large fonts: Readers can find key details and information highlighted in larger font sizes and they convey the underlying concept in a bold and accentuated way.

  • Simple navigation: All navigation links are simple, direct and most obvious.

  • Bold logos: New web tools and applications are very bold, large and obvious to eyes. Logos are brightly colored and bold as well.

  • Strong colors: Today's web sites are brightly colored to emphasize and highlight important concepts and ideas.

  • Complimentary Colors: Most of today's Web 2.0 compliant web sites are full of complimentary colors that are a mix of blue and oranges or yellows and purples.

  • Three dimensional perspectives: Web designers use a subtle mix of drop shadows, smooth gradients and mirrored surfaces that provide a mild 3D effect to the web pages.

  • Reflective Web pages: Mirrored and reflective web pages are the norm of the day and Web 2.0 pages are the most glaring examples.

  • Simple Icons: Icons used in typical Web 2.0 pages are very simple and straightforward.

  • Whitespaces: Web 2.0 pages employ lot of white spaces in the pages and they also add increased line heights.

  • Starburst Effects: Web pages also use exciting and exploding shapes and formats that promote a sense of urgency to users web experience.

Social leaning of web sites: There is an increased leaning on social application of concepts and they provide a unique feeling to the web pages.

  • Commenting: All web site visitors are active participants in a Web 2.0 web portal and they can join the deliberations and comment on the proceedings.

  • Rating and Reviewing: Readers can also rate and review items and products in the web site.

  • Share and Subscribe: Readers can share the content with their friends and they can even ask them to subscribe to the content of the web site.

  • Save and Send: Readers can save their preferred pages and send them to their friends if they find something useful.

Social Tools: Web 2.0 pages also provide a series of social tools to help users to establish their web presence and interact with other users in a virtual medium. Social tools may include:

  • Social Bookmarks: Web 2.0 pages contain links to a number of social book marks that help readers to know more about the web site.

  • User Profiles: These pages also provide an access to establish user profiles and related information.

  • Friend's lists: This is a hugely popular addition to a new web page and this will help you create a comprehensive list of your friends.

  • Comments and Communications Links: These tiny utilities are very useful for a web site visitor to provide invaluable comments and communication links.

The overall objectives and goals of the new Web 2.0 designing technology is to evolve consistently, provide useful and relevant information in an interactive manner and be open to everyone to participate and get involved in the proceedings.


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