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Website Statistic - Know your Website Visitors

In any business course, it is always said that you should know your customers so that you can address their needs and be able know what they really desire, this still holds true in running online businesses. Knowing your website visitors would definitely give you an edge. You can adjust the website content and maybe the overall functionality of your site in tune with what your web statistics dictate.

Full- featured web hosting now comes with a tool to monitor your web statistics. There are also free web statistic applications that you can use to monitor essential information about the people visiting your website. The web statistics can be used to determine if you need to improve your marketing campaign, change the design of your website or even as little as removing a link. Here are some vital information that you can acquire upon reviewing your website statistics, along with the possible steps you can make upon knowing them:


You can see the traffic coming into you website in one glance with the Visits/Hits graph. It is normal for a newly launched website to have minimal visitors during its first 3 months, but with the right marketing campaign, a website should be massing up great traffic in no time. Simply put, this indicator tells you how many web visitors are coming to your website on daily basis. As the graph shoots up, you are assured that you are on the right track in establishing your online presence.

Geographic Location

This is the second most important information website owners should know. With webstat programs being able to determine the geographical location of all the website visitors, website owners can now fine tune the website.

Let's take an online painting gallery as a sample; data coming in from web stat program indicates that there are many visitors coming in from Spain. If that's the case, there is a good reason to implement perhaps a secondary language for the site, this way visitors coming in from Spain, would be more enticed to visit the gallery because there is an option to view the site in their native language, Spanish.

The website owner upon gaining vital information with regards to geographical location can give out free shipping to specific locations as well as part of their marketing efforts. These are just some ways on how website owners use the geographical location data as a tool to broaden their reach to their customers.

Time on Site

This data indicates how long your website visitors stayed on a particular page in your website. You will know that people are getting interested with your content when they stayed on a particular page for at least one minute. This is the reason why websites are made in such a way that it is appealing to the eyes. A well structured layout will surely make visitors navigate within your site and not away from you site.

Browser Profile

This data contains vital information about a visitor's web browser, together with how it is configured. Website owners will be able to know what web browser of his majority visitors' use. Upon knowing this, he should make sure that the website is showing correctly in that particular web browser.

Flash support, is an indicator if the visitors has flash enabled browsers. The website owner can perhaps do away with a flash landing page if he realizes that many visitor's browser are not Flash supported.

Even to the minute detail of screen resolution, web statistics programs can detect them as well. Adjusting the size of the website in accordance to the screen resolution that majority of the visitors use, is one way to make the visitors experience in your website more hassle free.

Mobile Devices

Web statistics programs can also determine if a page request has been sent from a mobile device. The website owner upon knowing this should make sure that the site is mobile device friendly. He can also provide features that are targeted for those visitors using mobile devices, SMS alerts, event calendar downloads are some of the features he can provide to mobile device users.

These are some of the vital information that web statistics programs can provide. As the website owner, it is his responsibility to make the browsing experience of his visitors as smooth as possible.

Gaining information from web stats programs is only a fraction on how website owners will know their customers. Still, nothing beats good customer relationship, knowing their needs and wants through interactive discussions, comments, feedbacks or reviews are still the best way to know "who" the customers are.


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